August 30, 2016

Unlock Deezer From Everywhere

Deezer is a web-based music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels including EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline. Now, Deezer is not available in all countries. Check Deezer, the streaming music service, is available in your country or not here. As I know, Deezer is not available in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan and so on. If you are living in those unavailable countries, you can use best VPN for streaming. Get the error as 'Coming Soon... Deezer, will soon be available in your country'. So let us unlock Deezer from everywhere now.
Deezer is not available in your country

Get Free VPN To Unlock Deezer

When you are living in unavailable countries of Deezer service, you can get connected to VPN service into available country like United States, Singapore, United Kingdom. Hence, we would like to introduce one free VPN you can use it to unlock Deezer. As we all know there are many VPN service providers. Some paid, some free. Here, we will take FlyVPN as instance. It is one paid VPN service offering free VPN version.

Step #1 Create one account to get started to use free VPN! 

Step #2 Download and Install VPN Apps. New mobile users can get 14 days free VPN.

Step #3 Login, and choose server to get connected! You can connect to USA, Canada, UK, Malaysia... VPN servers.

Step #4 Once connected to VPN, you can unlock Deezer now!
unlock Deezer from everywhere


Whatever you want to unlock Deezer on Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows, you can use the free VPN we introduced above to unlock Deezer from everywhere.

August 26, 2016

How To Create TTPOD Alibaba Planet Account

TTPOD(Alibaba Planet) is one entertainment platform merges online music, Live, fans and Scenes. You can use it to listen online music, contact with other fans, buy Concert ticket, new album event, upload songs...etc. Because it is one Chinese Apps, there is geo-restricted, many users who are living outside of China can't use it. You can find tutorials about how to solve TTPOD IP restricted on Android and iPhone, iPad. Then solved the problem, another problem happened. Some users are asking me how to create an account TTPOD. So we decide to guide our readers to register TTPOD.
TTPOD Alibaba Planet

How To Download Music On TTPOD 2016 On Android
Listen and Download Music On TTPOD On iPhone, iPad Outside China

You can choose to register on webpage or in TTPOD Apps. Here, we will show you register TTPOD on webpage. 
Step 1 Visit TTPOD official website to register

Step 2 Select the region. Currently, TTPOD is only support specific countries' phone number to register. Mainland China, Macau, Australia, Germany, Russia, Philippines, France, Korea,  Netherlands, Canada, United States, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy. If you can't register TTPOD account, you can add me in Skype zoi0607. If you want to buy album, I can help you too.
TTPOD Register Region

Step 3 Choose Region, then input phone number, click "发送验证码", check the message from TTPOD, input the verification code. Then done!
Create TTPOD Account

If you have Taobao, Weibo, QQ, WeChat account, you can login in with the social accounts in TTPOD Android and iOS devices. BTW if you can't download TTPOD from your Google Play store or Apple store. For Android device, you can download TTPOD Apk file from its official website; For iOS device, you have to create Chinese Apple ID to download the App.


Hope this article is helpful for you to register TTPOD. After create TTPOD account, then you can use TTPOD now. But you may not use it for IP restricted, you can use the best VPN into China on your devices to unlock TTPOD outside of mainland China.

August 22, 2016

How To Get Canadian IP Address

IP address is identity on the internet. So other users can know where you are according your IP address. If you are take care your privacy, try to find way to mask IP address. Following  internet development, a large numbers of internet crimes happen frequently. Hence, we should pay more attention to protect your online privacy. 99% users prefer to use VPN service. So am I. Previously, we have wrote guidance about how to get Thailand IP address, Japanese IP address, Singapore IP address, Chinese IP address...etc. Here, we will show you how to get Canadian IP address. The most used way is to get connected to Canada VPN. Now the point is to how to get Canada VPN, then your device can get Canadian IP address. 

Get Canada VPN To Unlock Canadian Websites and Apps

There are many VPN service provider on the internet. It is paid or free. Because server is not free, if some companies offer free VPN for you, there is ads or sell your privacy to other  organizations. So we don't recommend users to join free VPNs. If you don't want to invest money, we would like to suggest one paid VPN service provider offers free trial Canada VPN. Generally, just register, then you can test the Canada VPN server. But time limited, once the time limit reached, you will be disconnected. If you don't want to be disconnected, you can get 14 days free Canada VPN.  After got Canada Proxy, then we will show you what you can do with Canada VPN.
  • Once connected, get Canadian IP address
  • Unblock censored websites like CTV and CBC
  • Hide your real IP address to protect your online privacy


It is so easy to get Canadian IP address. Once connected to Canada VPN, you can get what you deserve. Access those blocked websites and Apps outside of Canada like CTV and CBC. Certainly, it is one way to protect your privacy. 

August 18, 2016

How To Get Free Singapore VPN On iOS and Android devices

How to get free Singapore VPN means how to get free Singapore IP address. When you are living in Singapore, you can get Singapore IP address easily over WiFi and 4G. But if you are living outside of Singapore, how can you get Singapore IP address. Certainly, the fast way is to get connected to Singapore VPN. Once get connected to one Singapore VPN server, it will create a private network and assign one virtual IP address located in Singapore. It is so easy to get IP address into another country with VPN network. If you are looking for ways to change IP address to Singapore, why not try to use Singapore VPN. Because more and more mobile users are would like to surf with portable devices, we will show users how to get free Singapore VPN on iOS and Android. Firstly, let us show you what can you do with Singapore VPN.
  • Protect online privacy
  • Hide your real IP address
  • Access some websites with censored and limited in Singapore territory
  • Play games only limited in Singapore
  • Install some Apps only limited in Singapore App store
Singapore Landmark Building

Free Singapore VPN For iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and phone

You can find many VPN service providers on the internet. Actually, there are two kinds of VPN service provider. It is free or paid. We don't recommend users to use free VPN for security. Because the bandwidth and traffic of VPN servers are not free, if they provide those source for free, they will cost money. So we pick one paid VPN services, which is offering free Singapore VPN for iPhone, iPad and Android users. So just follow us to get Singapore VPN for iOS and Android

FlyVPN is offering event for its new iOS and Android users, once install its iOS or Android App, users can get 14 days free Singapore VPN. If you have got the bonus, you can share the activation code to win extra 5 days. If you are not new users, you can also use the trial VPN service for 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day.

August 16, 2016

How To Register KuGou Music Account

KuGou Music is one Chinese online music provider. In the platform, users can listen and download some musics for free. Also there are other music platforms in China like QQ Music, TTPOD, KuWo. Previously, we wrote one post about how to download and listen music on KuGou outside of China. Then we find there are many search terms about KuGou registration guide. So we would like to write tutorial for our readers about how to register KuGou Music account if you don't know how to process. So just follow the instructions in paragraphs as below.
Users can choose to register with Email, Username, or Phone number. We'd prefer users to register with Email. It is easily to recover account if you forgot password. Also 99.99% users who are living outside of Mainland China don't have China phone number. So we will show you register KuGou Music account with Email.

Read briefly instructions as follow.

  • Email
  • Input some required info
  • Ahead to Email, then click the link the verification Email
Step #1 Visit, input Email, password and CAPTCHA. 
Input Required Info to register KuGou Music Account

Step #2 After input required info, you will see the photo as below.
Sent Verify Email

Step #3 Login Email to click the link
Click the verify Email to activate KuGou Music Account
Step #4 Register KuGou Music Account successfully
KuGou Music Account Register Successfully
After register KuGou Music account successfully on web, you can use the account in KuGou App too. Because you are living outside of China, so you can't use the service for copyright limitations, you can get connected to best China VPN to unblock KuGou from everywhere. Let us get started to listen and download Chinese music from now on!

August 14, 2016

Two Chinese Websites/Apps To Watch Anime For Free

The best website or App to watch Anime for free is Bilibili and AcFun. Bilibili (stylized as bilibili, Chinese: 哔哩哔哩) is a video sharing website themed around anime, manga, and game fandom based in China, where users can submit, view, and add commentary subtitles on videos. AcFun is a Chinese video sharing site which began as an ACG themed video sharing site based on Sina Video created in June 2007. Later in 2008 the site relaunched with a Niconico-style player. For Anime fans, the two websites or Apps are the way to watch newly Anime for free. Also you can watch some Anime on YouKu, iQiYi, Sohu. But most fans would like to watch it on Bilibili or AcFun. Because some new Anime videos are only available to access in China for copyright limited, when you are living outside of China, you have to find way to unblock Bilibili and AcFun. The solution is to get connected to best China VPN to access those videos. So later we will show you how to use China VPN to watch Anime on Bilibili and AcFun from everywhere.
Bilibili logo AcFun logo

Some contents on bilibili are only available in mainland China. Get the error message when you are living outside of China.
Bilibili is only available in mainland China

Some videos on AcFun are only able to access in mainland China. Get the error message as below.
AcFun is only accessible from mainland China

Sometimes users find the load speed is very slowly, or buffering again and again. You can try to connect to VPN server located in China too. 

Download AcFun App and Bilibili App to Watch Anime Everywhere

AcFun App is compatible well with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Bilibili App is compatible well with iPhone, iPad, Android, UWP, Windows Phone devices. If you want to watch Anime in your mobile devices, ahead to download and install those Apps. 
bilibili qrcodeAcFun qrcode

You maybe interested articles.
Best Free China VPN Android App
Best Free China VPN iOS App
Get Free China VPN on PC
So whatever you are looking for ways to unblock Bilibili or AcFun on PC, iPhone, iPad or Android devices, or want to watch videos on Bilibili and AcFun without lag. Ahead to try to connect to China VPN to get Chinese IP address to fix the problems.

August 12, 2016

How To Download Music On TTPOD 2016 On Android, iPhone

TTPOD is one Chinese online music provider. Its new name is Alibaba Planet. It is offering many copyright albums. So if you want to download songs with copyright limited, you have to own Chinese IP address to break the geo restricted. Hence, we will show you how to fix TTPOD IP restricted 2016 on Android and iPhone, iPad with best VPN for China, then download songs on TTPOD from everywhere.
TTPOD Is only available in China

Some Problems You May met

  • How to run TTPOD
  • How to solve TTPOD IP Restricted
  • How to listen music in TTPOD
  • TTPOD Copyright problem
  • TTPOD Alibaba How to use outside China
  • Why TTPOD is not connected to internet
  • TTPOD due to copyright no service allowed
If you get the problems as above, you have to connect to VPN network into China. We will show you how to get VPN into China to solve those problems.

Best China VPN For TTPOD

Many users are complaining they can't download or access TTPOD outside of China for copyright. The way to break the geo restricted is to get connected to China VPN. We tested many VPN services. Finally, we top rated FlyVPN as the best China VPN provider for so many China VPN servers in its premium package. Also its Android and iOS VPN App support mainly devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone or tablet. Worthwhile, the speed is very fast. For new Android and iOS users can get 14 days China VPN for unlock TTPOD.

How To Download Music/Songs On TTPOD in Android, iPhone devices Outside China

  • Connected to China VPN on Android, iPhone devices
  • Installed TTPOD Android App or iOS App
Step 1 Connected to China VPN on Android, iPhone, iPad.
Connected to China VPN

Step 2 Run TTPOD and find the song you want to download.  Click "...." to find the download option.
Click .... to find the download option

Step Tap Download to get started.
Tap Download to get started
Step 4 Choose the songs quality.
Choose song quality

Step 5 Download Songs on TTPOD successfully outside China.

Download Songs in TTPOD outside China with FlyVPN