July 7, 2016

How To Listen and Download Music On TTPOD On iPhone, iPad Outside China

TTPOD is one Chinese online music provider. It had been taken over by alibaba. Its new name is Alibaba planet(Chines Simplified: 阿里星球). There is no webpage for TTPOD, only iOS and Android App. It means that users want to listen or download music from TTPOD, they can only install TTPOD on iPhone, iPad or Android. Because TTPOD is only available in mainland China. So when you are using TTPOD, you will get error message. Previously, we have wrote guidance about how to unlock TTPOD on Android, if you are interested in it, just check it later. Here, we will write guideline about how to unlock TTPOD on iPhone, iPad based on iOS to listen and download music from everywhere. Generally, the most effected way is to get connected on VPN server in China to get Chinese IP address. So we will show you how to solve TTPOD IP restricted later.
Alibaba planet

How To Slove The Error 'TTPOD due to copyright no service allowed'

When you searching terms like 'how to fix ttpod ip restricted', 'ttpod ip restricted 2015', 'ttpod iOS ip restricted', 'ttpod block ip', 'ttpod online service not available', 'ttpod proxy', 'ttpod restricted ip', 'bypass ttpod', 'how to fix ttpod "your ip is restricted', 'how to make ttpod work', 'how to solve ttpod ip restricted', 'I can't search anything on ttpod', 'problem connecting ttpod to the internet', 'ttpod cannot download song', 'ttpod network error', 'ttpod online android vpn china', 'ttpod unable to download songs', 'ttpod version out of china', or 'why i can't download songs on ttpod', we do think this article will be very helpful for you. Anyway, the solution is to get connected on mainland China VPN to make TTPOD available in your country. You will find you can't download, listen songs on TTPOD after installing TTPOD App, also you can't see any contents under album. 
Unable to listen and download music on TTPOD

Get Best China VPN For iPhone, iPad To Fix TTPOD

We have noted that users should get connected on China VPN to bypadd TTPOD from abroad. Otherwise, they will get error message. We think FlyVPN is the best China VPN provider for more than 40 VPN servers in China. So let us join best China VPN iOS App.

Get connected on China VPN with best China iOS App
Get Connected on China VPN On iPhone

After get connected on China VPN on iPhone, iPad, listen and download music on TTPOD from now on. 
Get Connected China VPN To Make TTPOD work


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    1. It is the same way. Install FlyVPN Android App to get mainland China IP address to bypass IP restricted