August 26, 2015

Best VPN App For iPhone To Use In China

Secure iPhone With VPN APP
Which generation iPhone are you using? iPhone 6S or 7 release date is around the conrer. Millions of Apple fans will choose to buy it. More and more Apps we can download from App store. Worthwhile, we should pay more attention to personal privacy. So VPN is the solution. Though it is not difficult to setup VPN on iPhone, most of guys would like to install VPN App for iPhone for easy to setup & use. According to GWI social Q3 2014 report, 90 millions users in China have used VPN to access restricted social network. As we all know that GFW is blocking most of populared social network like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube. Which lead to a large numbers of internet users in China to use VPN to bypass GFW, but not all VPN will work for you in China. Because Chinese government is upgrading Great firewall again and again. We think many users would like to know which VPN App for iPhone is the most stable and fast to use in China. So we will discuss it here later.

Why VPN is important

Public WiFi is always around your life. You can almost find public WiFi anywhere like Starbucks. But not all hot-spots are always secure. When you are using WiFi on iPhone or other mobile devices without encrypted tunnel, Worthwhile, other users in the same network can track what are you doing and what webpages are you browsing... So connected on VPN to protect your online data while using public WiFi.

VPNs Condition in China

Five providers of Virtual Private Network (VPN) systems reported that updates to China's firewall had hindered people using some their services. The providers affected are Astrill, Hidemyass, PureVPN, StrongVPN and Golden Frog. Astrill, one of the more popular VPN providers in China tweeted that "due to increased censorship in China," VPN usage on Apple devices was being blocked "in almost real-time." Chinese government require companies and individuals that use VPN services to register with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. If not, maybe VPN services will be blocked. So please pay more attention to pick up VPN to use in China.


FlyVPN is a VPN service that supports PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Here, we just discuss something on FlyVPN iOS App. It is very simple to use it. Just get its iOS App from iTunes store, then create account to install VPN profile. Once done, you can see multiple VPN connections on Settings | VPN. You can also test with the VPN App for iPhone. It is free without any cost. Worthwhile, you can test it everyday. Because it is trial version, there are some limitations on it. One customer can only test their service 3 times per day, 20 minutes each time. Anyone who are looking for best free VPN for iPhone in China can try to use FlyVPN. We have used the service from Shanghai, China for 3 years. It is always working for us. The price is very simple. You can buy one account to use multiple platform, but not at the same time. The following price is for Shared IP VPN plan(including more than 35 countries' VPN servers):
Test: Free (Users can test everyday)
1 month unlimited: $10
3 months unlimited: $25
6 months unlimited: $45
12 months unlimited: $80
FlyVPN is the best VPN App for iPhone to use in China as advertised. Many VPN services like Astrill, StrongVPN are not work for us. We used many brands VPNs, but most are not stable. Sometimes work well, but not for a long time, we can't use that. Fortunately, we join the best VPN for us in China. Before investing money into it, we tested with its trial version. The performance is fantastic. BTW its official website is unable to reach without VPN connection, you can buy its service in iOS App. 

August 23, 2015

How To Unlock LINE TV To Watch Free TV Shows Streaming live

LINE TV is  a video service that is available within the messaging app itself. Firstly, you have download LINE App on your mobile devices, then register. Only LINE users can login to watch full episodes of TV dramas, variety shows, music videos and LINE-only exclusive content that you cant see anywhere else.LINE TV Apps supports PC, iPhone and android devices. So you can watch LINE TV anytime anywhere for free! But as we know that only Thailand and Taiwan IP address can access contents on LINE TV. It seems that people who are living outside of Thailand and Taiwan are unable to access contents on LINE TV website. They will get error message as ‘Sorry, LINE TV is not available in your country yet'. If your get Thailand IP address on your computer, you will be redirected LINE TV Thailand version site. The same principle applied to Taiwan IP address. So if you want to unlock LINE TV, connect to Thailand or Taiwan VPN service on your devices is the solution.

Unable to use LINE TV Service Outside of Thailand and Taiwan

Connected on Thailand VPN into LINE TV Thailand Version.
Connected on Thailand VPN into LINE TV Thailand Version
Connected on Taiwan VPN into LINE TV Taiwan Version.
Connected on Taiwan VPN into LINE TV Taiwan Version

How To Get Connected VPN On PC, iPhone, iPad, Android devices

Most of VPNs are available to use on PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices(like FlyVPN). For some newbies, they do not know how to setup VPN devices. So they have to read tutorials carefully provided by VPN providers. we have tested with FlyVPN on PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The performance is amazing. So we would like to show you how to use it on devices.
For PC, just download and install client from its official website. Then input your FlyVPN account and password. If you haven't make a subscription for FlyVPN, you can order FlyVPN here or ahead to test their services with trial VPN account and password.
For iPhone, iPad, get FlyVPN iOS App from iTunes store. Login with yourself account to install VPN in iOS. Check FlyVPN iOS App
For android devices, go to 'Settings'-'More' -'VPN' to input required information of PPTP or L2TP protocol. You can get VPN server address and IPSec pre-shared key from FlyVPN site. BTW for trial users, input trial VPN account, password, VPN server address in specific trial account during configuration.
Taiwan and Thailand VPN Servers In FlyVPN Trial Account

Popular TV Shows On LINE TV

LINE TV EXO: Login LINE account, then visit to check all vidoes on EXO.
LINE TV One Sunny Day: Login LINE account, then visit to check all vidoes on Korean drama One Sunny Day.

August 19, 2015

How To Setup VPN in iOS 8(including free VPN trial)

VPN is a tool to encrypt internet connection between the internet in your devices to another network, creating a secure layer to protect data on your devices while surfing over a unknown network. Why not take action to hide your device when you are enjoying a cup of coffee at Starbuck, sending tweets over Wi-Fi network? For iOS, Apple does support VPN service on either iPhone or iPad. Actually, we don't think this article is only suitable for iOS 8. For iOS 5/6/7 or other versions, the steps to setup VPN in iOS are the same. So we will show you how to setup VPN in iOS, absolutely, including free VPN trial
Secure With VPN for iOS 8


Firstly, you must have a VPN service in your hand before starting. You can choose to subscribe one VPN service, then you will get those require infos to setup VPN in iOS. Don't worry, if you don't have VPN and know which one you should pick in Google search results, you can check out the following services:

If you know how to build VPN, you can build one VPN to encrypt your internet connection.

Download and Install VPN Apps for iOS

Most of VPN providers(like FlyVPN) allow users to get their VPN Apps from iTunes store to create VPN settings in iOS easily. Those Apps have been vetted by Apple.Inc. You can install those Apps with your confidence. Finally, we decide to use the FlyVPN App for iOS. It is very good. We installed many VPN connections one time. And it gets the job done. 
Get Connected VPN with FlyVPN Apps on iOS

Manually Create VPN Connections

If your VPN services don't have VPN apps, it is not bad. You can create VPN connections in iOS manually. iOS supports the PPTP, L2TP and IPSec VPN protocols. Please confirm which one VPN protocols are your VPN services in use. 

To begin create VPN connections, please get some required VPN info like server address, VPN account, VPN password, Secret(for L2TP and IPSec VPN protocol). Let's get started to configure VPN in iOS now.
1. Tap 'Settings' > 'General' >'VPN'>'Add VPN Configuration'.
2. Select the VPN protocol used by your VPN service: PPTP, L2TP or IPSec.
3. Input the required information. Then you will get connected on VPN.
Input VPN information to setup VPN On iPad Manually

Get Free VPN Trial For iOS 8

After reading how to configure VPN in iOS 8, if you are a iPhone or VPN newbie, we think you should be interested in get connected on free VPN or trial VPN in your iPhone or iPad. We wrote a article on how to get free or free VPN trial without credit card, but we haven't listed how to use the free VPN trial on iOS. We will take FlyVPN as instance here, then we will show you how to get free VPN trial for iOS.
Step 1. You must create one account on 
Step 2. There are 2 ways you can use the free VPN for iOS. 
Solution 1: Visit, then login with yourself account. Click one VPN server you want to use to install. Once done, you can nativigate to Settings | VPN to check the VPN connections you just configured.
Solution 2: Get FlyVPN iOS App from iTunes store. Download and install it. Then all the steps are the same as Solution 1.

August 16, 2015

How To Get Free or Free Trial VPN Services into China

VPN is a network that is constructed by using public wires to connect to a private network. Once connected on VPN, it will create a secure layer between your computer endpoints and terminal endpoints. Your computer transmits data to VPN server, then VPN server encrypt for the data and transmit it to the sites you visited. The total process is encrypted. For how to get VPN service into China, if you are not living in China. The only solution is to connect to China VPN. Once connected on China VPN, your computer looks like in China for owning Chinese IP address.
VPN Secure Your Computer Online

Take Care to Pick VPN service Provider

More and more news about VPN security recently. For example, Embattled "free" VPN provider Hola is facing criticism for "unpatchable" vulnerabilities allowing takeover of user machines. It means that any one Hola users maybe part of a DDoS, content theft or worse. Worthwhile, The events alert us should be careful to pick VPN service provider.

Let me share some options, which I found the best free or free trial VPN services to protect your devices from data snoopers and thefts.
 Free or Free Trial VPN Services With China VPN servers:
 VPN Gate

FlyVPN is a paid VPN service provider. But it is offering free trial VPN accounts on its official website. Users can get those info from its site. There are two trial accounts listed at You can login with any one to get connected on China VPN. Please note because it is the free trial version, so some limitations applied. One user can only use the trial version 3 times per day, 20 minutes per time.

VPN Gate is a plugin for SoftEther VPN, which allows users to connect to free VPN servers, run by volunteers who use SoftEther to host their VPN servers. VPN Gate is sponsored by the University of Tsukuba. Sometimes ones will provider VPN servers in China. Please take note that all the authentication information have been shared on a public web site. Actually, this service isn't very secure. But this is one way to make you get VPN connection into China.

August 12, 2015

How To Get A Free VPN Trial Without Credit Card

With more services and freebies being geographically restricted, internet users have to change IP address to reach some services. For example, BBC iPlayer is only allow UK IP address to reach. Generally, there are two common ways to change IP address. One is proxy, another is VPN. But proxies are mostly unstable, slow, low level of encryption. VPN is a better choice because it is stable, slow, high level of encrytion. If you do care your privacy, VPN is your choice. How can we get a free VPN trial without credit card? Most of VPN services are paid. Though you can find some free VPN provider, please do remember free is most expensive. We will show you some paid VPN service providers with free VPN trial.

Let's take a look at what can you do with VPN?
Encrypted connection over VPN. Generally, the internet connections between your computer and the websites you visited are unencrypted. After connected on VPN, VPN will create a encrypted tunnel for your internet connections that others can't track what are you doing.
Access blocked websites. For polotical, economy, culture reasons, some websites are just allow specific country IP to enter. For example, people who are living in China can't access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A large numbers of netizens are using VPN to break GFW.

Getting Best free VPN Trial Now

We explored many VPNs like PureVPN, HideMyass...etc. Most of paid VPNs require to register account with credit card, some even require to pay upfront. We think those free VPN trial require to register with credit card or payment upfront are not very good though some VPNs even offer 30 days money back guarantee. Check the best free VPN trial standards as follows:
1. Don't require to sign up. Even require to Sign up but don't require to bind credit card
2. Providing at least 10 countries' VPN servers in trial accounts.
3. Support PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocol.
4. Compatible with iOS, android, and Windows.

The best free VPN trial option is FlyVPN. Because users can use trial VPN account and password provided by FlyVPN. More than 20 countries' VPN servers in its trial accounts. Check best free VPN trial here 
Get A Free VPN Trial Without Credit Card

August 9, 2015

[VPN Recommend] Best VPN For Business Trip Guys in China

Many people who are planning a business trip in China. They have to find way to unlock GFW, otherwise, they can't use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. It is a hell for those business trip guys. Recently, China government upgraded GFW again and again that many free/paid VPN services like StrongVPN, Hidemyass, Astrill...etc are unable to use. For those people who have to use Facebook for work, it is a nightmare. We should find a VPN service which works in China. I will share best VPN for business trip guys in China
Best VPN For Business Trip Guys in China

1. FlyVPN Client Recommended
It is a user friendly client. Just need several steps, you can unlock GFW.
Difficulty: Low
Risk of being locked: Medium
Safty: High
Stability: High

FlyVPN Official Website:
Free Trial VPN Account and Password of FlyVPN:

Download FlyVPN client, then you can choose to register then upgraded to premium account. If you want to take a try before investing money, you can login with trial VPN account and password. After logged in, click one server, then you can get connected on VPN. BTW, you can also use FlyVPN on mobile devices. The VPN setup is very easy too. You can read tutorial on its website.

2. Build PPTP VPN Server in Windows 7 by Yourself

Because China government is blocking VPN service, we can build PPTP VPN in your Windows 7 without installing any software. Firstly, you should prepare two computers, one is in China beside you, another is outside of China. It can be your friends or families computer with foreign network. 

>>Settings in computers with foreign IP

A. ahead to Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Sharing Center - Change Adapters settings. click the File menu that appears, and select New Incoming Connection.
select New Incoming Connection
B. Click Add someone, and set the username, full name and password. Please do remember the username and password. 
set the username, full name and password
Choose the VPN User You Just Created
C. Click Next and tick through the internet.
tick through the internet
D. Please confirm tick the incoming connections. Click the Allow access button and Windows will set up a VPN server. You can refer to the photo as follows
Allow access button and Windows will set up a VPN server
E. One connection named as incoming connections built. If you want to disable the connections, you can delete the incoming connections from your Network Connection window. 
One connection named as incoming connections built
F. Get your network public IP address. You can visit to check your public IP address.

>>Settings in your computer with Chinese IP

A. ahead to Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Sharing Center. Hit Setup a new connection or network.
Setup a new connection network
B. Tap connect to a workplace.
Tap connect to a workplace
C. Tap use my internet connection
Tap use my internet connection

D. Input the public IP address of foreign IP provided by your friend or family in internet address box. Type the destination name what you want.
Input the public IP address of foreign IP
E. Input the username and password configured in your friend computer with foreign IP. Click Create button. The the VPN connection will be connected. If you can't, please try to close firewall in the two computers.
VPN connection get connected

August 5, 2015

India Blocks Porn Websites may Lead Indian VPN Users Rising

India Blocks Porn Websites may Lead Indian VPN Users Rising
India Blocks Porn Websites
Indian internet service providers (ISPs) received a notice from the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) on July 31, including a list of blocking 857 websites.According to an authoritative source at an ISP, most of those websites are running contents on pornography. All the ISPs have to implement the block for the ISP license. Several netizens in India tried to visit pornographic websites in the last couple of days, but they found blank pages or read a message, "This site has been blocked as per the instructions of Competent Authority". Among those 857 blocked websites, Indian government seems has failed to define the porn website. According to the report on Times of India, 5 websites(,,, Barstool Sports, were blocked by mistake.A DoT spokesperson explained that the Telecom department did not matter the name of websites while deciding the list of blocking 857 websites. Just because they received the list from the Centre in a bid to curb child pornography. Will this policy block Indians to watch porn websites? Absolutely, the answer is no.
Many Indians are doubting why government launches the stupid policy. Some people said we are over 18 years old, why we can't access porn websites. The block will make more and more guys involve to use VPN to access porn websites. Some people are discussing which is the best VPN to unlock those porn websites. One guy in India post tweets on Twitter said he can unlock those porn websites with VPN. As has been proven time and time again, The limitation of certain services on the web doesn't block people to visit those blocked services, rather, it makes more and more people to find way to bypass the blockage. Regarding the porn ban, it bolsters the use of VPNs to access banned sites.
Actually, rare people know VPNs, and don't know its usage. In one word, VPNs is a tool which can break internet limitations, worthwhile, it is a good way to protect your privacy and secure your internet connection. If you are looking for best VPN for Indians, why not try FlyVPN. It is providing free trial VPN account and 30 days money back guarantee. Try it without cost.