November 4, 2015

Get FlyVPN 14 Days Membership For Free

FlyVPN is a paid VPN service provider. Worthwhile, it is offering free trial VPN service. Users can test their service first, then decide to purchase or not. Established in 2007, offering professional VPN service worldwide; about 150+ servers are located in 30+ countries. If you are looking for free or free trial VPN service, why not choose it. As we all know that, if you just choose to use free VPN, it is not safe. No free bread in the world. There is an opportunity to get FlyVPN 14 days membership for free.  Let us show you how to get free VPN 14 days membership.
Get FlyVPN 14 Days Membership For Free On Android APP

How To Get FlyVPN 14 Days Membership For Free

Check briefly guidance as below:
  • Download FlyVPN Android or iOS APP
  • Sign up
  • Get 14 days FlyVPN membership
The event is now applicable for FlyVPN Android and iOS App. So the key is to download its android or iOS VPN App
FlyVPN Android App in Google Play Store:
Download FlyVPN Apk file: 
FlyVPN iOS App in App store:

* Input the invitation code 27002031 to win extra 5-day for free as photo. If you want to get more free days of FlyVPN, you can share your invitation code. 

Check VPN server locations in 14 Days Free FlyVPN Membership

You can use USA, Korea, China, Japan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, UK(Britain), Germany, Spain, Russia, France, Turkey, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil VPN servers in the 14 days membership of FlyVPN. 

The Giveaway

The giveaway will be awarded to new users in Android and iOS mobile devices. Please take note one mobile device can only get free FlyVPN 14 days membership one time, one account also can only get the bonus one time.

If you have multiple android or iOS devices like android phone, android pad. You can create multiple accounts to win more than 14 days free VPN membership of FlyVPN. 
Please note the membership will be activated automatically. For instance, you download FlyVPN android APP for your android , and create an account on November 04, 2015 . Then your membership will be extended to November 18, 2015.
You can use the free 14 days membership on all devices like iOS, android, Mac OS X, and Windows.

About FlyVPN

FlyVPN’s aim is to provide global internet users equal privacy, security and freedom. FlyVPN’s network is spread across 30+ countries, with 150+ servers.
For more information, visit

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