November 25, 2015

China Disrupt Mobile Service For Citizens Using VPN or WhatsApp

Some citizens who are living in Xinjiang, China got cut off mobile service for using VPN service or WhatsApp on Phone. Apparently, Chinese government is censoring people's communcation, otherwise, it won't know the applications using in Phones. That's all depends on Chinese communication providers like China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. Residents, including both Chinese citizens and foreigners, are receiving SMS text messages from their mobile service providers telling them that their service is being suspended, according to several citizens who spoke anonymously to the New York Times. The reason has been attributed to their usage of VPNs or WhatsApp to bypass state-mandated filters or get information from overseas.
China Disrupt Mobile Service For Citizens Using VPN or WhatsApp

One citizen living in Xinjiang's capital city of Urumqi - who had used a VPN to access popular photo-sharing app Instagram, which is banned in China – said that when he went to his local police station, he encountered a line of 20 people waiting to ask police to restore their service. Some are Chinese, some are foreigners. The police will check their identity card and mobile phone. Then tell them when their mobile services will be restored.

Most of expats in China are very familiar with the "Great Firewall of China". Not only expats are advocated to find VPN to break GFW in China and keep contacted with families and friends through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail...etc, but also some Chinese guys are in the same situations. We don't know why Chinese government take the action to suspend citizens' mobile devices for using VPN or WhatsAPP. is it for ISIS?

The suspend mobile devices event isn't replicated in other cities. It seems that the event only happened in Xinjiang. Many our friends in Shanghai and Beijing are using VPN service everyday to access their Facebook accounts. More and more people who are living in China will take caution to pick up VPN service. Check out best VPN for China Users. Whatever you are using PC, iPhone, iPad, android phone/tablet, or Mac OS X. It is very easy to get through the GFW from China. 
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