October 28, 2015

How To Break Great Firewall On Android

Great Firewall is developed by Chinese government to censor the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and so on.  For tourists or expatriates in China, having no access to Facebook or Twitter can be annoying, since they have to use social network to keep in touch with friends and families. But how can we bypass GFW in China on android, most of users in China are using virtual private network. So what is VPN? Please check its definition here. We can simply connect to a server outside of China and once get connected on the VPN server, then you can access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google...etc in China. GFW is upgrading again and again that many VPN services are not stable in China. So we do recommend people who are planning to go for China to prepare several VPNs in devices. Today, we will show you how to break Great Firewall on android.   
How To Break Great Firewall On Android

Break GFW On Android With VPN Service

When you are in China, you can connect to one VPN server outside of China. Then your computer will be get a foreign IP address that you can access those blocked websites in China. So for break GFW on android, setting up VPN service on android is the solution. Android has a built-in VPN client, users can setup VPN on android by advance to Settings - Wireless & Network - VPN. If you don't want to input so many VPN service information,  generally, you can get connected via VPN app for android. 

Pick a VPN and Set up VPN on Android To Break GFW

Because network in China is very weird. Generally, VPN does work for the two mainly ISP, it is China Telecom and China Mobile. Also some people are using Great Wall network, sometimes it will block some output port and protocols to save traffic and bandwidth that VPN can't work well on it. So how can we pick a VPN which can work in China very well. We asked many users who often use VPN in China to unlock Great Firewall. They complain to us that many VPNs crack down for GFW upgrade. They often have to prepare several VPNs in devices. We also tested many VPNs when our staffs travel to Shanghai, he find only one VPN worked well on its android phone. It is FlyVPN. If you are looking for stable VPN service for users in China, you can test it without cost. Then we will show you how to setup the VPN on android to break GFW from now on.

Set up VPN on Android To Break GFW now

There are two ways to set up VPN on android, one is setting up VPN with android devices' built-in VPN client, another is setting up VPN with VPN app for android. We have noted that FlyVPN is the most stable VPN service to break Great firewall, so we will guide you to setup it on android. If you have paid for it, just login your account to use its service, also you can read VPN tutorial for android here. Then we will list guidance for those people want to test FlyVPN for android and check whether it will work to break GFW on android.

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