October 18, 2015

How To Setting Up VPN On Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet

Xiaomi Inc. is a privately owned Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing, China, that is the world's 4th largest smartphone maker. Xiaomi designs, develops, and sells smartphones, mobile apps, and related consumer electronics. It is spreading its market in Asia like Singapore. Worthwhile, there are special webpages for different regions. Such as mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil. Just from the point, we can see Xiaomi is spreading its global market. It means that more and more people around the world will use Xiaomi products. Today, we are not planning talking too many about Xiaomi product. We just want to discuss how to setting up VPN on Xiaomi Box, Phone and Table. But which one VPN service is best for Xiaomi Box, phone and table. We will discuss it in other paragraphs as following. 
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Why should we setting up VPN on Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet?

For Mibox, many people who are living outside of mainland China are trying to find way to access those contents are only available in mainland China like iCNTV. For Xiaomi phone/tablet, to secure your network connection while over public Wi-Fi and other reasons. Check some mainly reasons we should setting up on Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet:
  • To secure network connections
  • To access contents are only available in mainland China
  • Change IP address to unlock contents limited in special region. Such as CNTV, YouKu, Tudou, LeTV, BBC, Hulu and so on.

Start to setting up VPN on Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet

Xiaomi box, phone and tablet are based on android. So all things are clear. What we should introduce is to writhe guidance on how to setup VPN on android. But whatever you are using Mibox 2/3/mini, you can't entry to enter VPN settings. Because Xiaomi hide the feature. So what we can do is to download android VPN apk file then setup it in Mibox. For Xiaomi phone and table, the configure steps are the same as other kinds of android phones and tablets.

Setting up VPN on Xiaomi Box

Find your way to install android VPN apk fine in Mibox. Download VPN apk file in U disk, then plug into Mibox, install and run it, or visit VPN website or Google Play store to download VPN apk file. We think you will find the solution to get the VPN apk file. 

Setting up VPN on Xiaomi Phone/Tablet

Please confirm you have a working internet connection and VPN account. Ahead to "Settings" - "More" - "VPN" - Turn on "VPN" - Tap "+" button. Then input some VPN info provided by your VPN service provider.

Setting up FlyVPN on Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet

Because FlyVPN is offering many mainland China VPN servers, connect to those VPN servers, users can unlock iCNTV in Mibox and other contents. If you want to unlock other apps in your devices, FlyVPN also is very helpful. Its VPN server locations are covering 35+ countries. It is not only offering nice money back guarantee (30 days), but also providing free trial VPN account and password everyday. So we think it is the best VPN for Xiaomi box/phone/table. So let us guide you how to setting up FlyVPN on Xiaomi box, phone and table now. 

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