October 14, 2015

Best iOS(iPhone, iPad) VPN App for LINE

The latest iOS version is iOS 9. If you are one of fans of Apple product, we think you have used iOS 6/7/8, right! Whatever you are using iOS 6/7/8/9, don't forget to connect to VPN to secure your network connection in public place. What we want to discuss is which iOS VPN is best for LINE stickers/themes. We don't know whether you have heard about it or not, if not, check LINE definition. Millions of LINE users are love to chat with cute LINE stickers and apply cute LINE themes. But LINE often launch different LINE stickers and themes in different countries' sticker/theme shop. So other countries' LINE users would like to find way to download or buy LINE stickers and themes from other countries' sticker/theme shop. The solution is to bind other countries' phone number or get connected to VPN service on devices. Because 99% guys can't get other countries' phone number, so most of LINE users opt to use VPN to change IP address to access other countries' sticker/theme shop. Before we introduce which iOS VPN app is the best for LINE stickers, we think most of guys are interesting in how to download LINE stickers/themes from other countries' sticker or theme shop.
Best iOS(iPhone, iPad) VPN App for LINE: FlyVPN

Best iOS VPN App for LINE

Most of LINE users are using VPN service to enter other countries' stickers shop to download free LINE stickers or themes, or purchase paid LINE stickers or themes. As we all know that, most of VPNs are paid not free. Though you can find some free VPN service on the internet, but we don't suggest you to use those kinds of VPNs. They can steal your private information (like credit card details) when you use them. So whatever you can afford VPN cost or not. We think FlyVPN iOS VPN app is best for you. Because it is offering trial version and paid version. You can ahead to use its trial version everyday but 30 minutes per time, 3 times per day for single IP. 

Get Connected to Best iOS VPN App on iPhone, iPad 

We have noted the best iOS VPN for LINE is FlyVPN, so we will guide you how to use its trial & paid version.
Step 1. Get FlyVPN iOS VPN App from iTunes store. 

Step 2. Tap FlyVPN icon on desktop of iPhone, iPad.

Step 3. Login with your account. If you don't have an account, create an account in its app. If you want to use free trial iOS VPN app, please create an account to login.

Step 4. After logged in, you can see the VPN server list. For trial users, they can only see trial VPN servers. For paid users, they can see all VPN servers they can use.  If you order its shared IP plan, you can use all VPN server locations listed here.

Step 5. For paid users, they can tap "Batch Mode" to tick multiple VPN servers to setup one time. For trial users, they can only setup one server one time. 

Then follow the guidance in the app to install VPN servers in your iPhone, iPad devices. Once done, you can see L2TP and PPTP connections for one server. Switch between PPTP and L2TP if one doesn't work for you.

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