November 29, 2016

Will Mark Zuckerberg Make Facebook Available In China?

Is Facebook banned in China? It is the truth for many years. People who are living in China can't access Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows has made no secret of his desire to get Facebook unblocked in China. He's learned Chinese, visit China for several times and met with its Internet leaders and president Xi Jinping. His ambitious is very obvious that he want to make Facebook available in China. 
Mark Zuckerberg China

Why Facebook won't Give Up China Market?

Mark Zuckerberg made an effort to get into China market in 2008. Facebook launched Chinese version to attract Chinese. But it only attracted 285,000 mainland members. The next year, Facebook got banned by Chinese government. Then there were no chance to catch its local competitor Tencent's QQ. 

In 2008, Tencent's QQ is its biggest competitor. Now, there are many competitors like WeChat, Weibo. Tough the keen competition is existing, worthwhile, it means giant market. So it is the point why Facebook won't give up China market. According to the NYT report, Facebook has quietly developed censor tool to filter sensitive post. 

How to Unblock Facebook In China

We do hope Facebook will be unblocked in China in the near future. Whether it will be popular in China for censoring sensitive news. Here, we would like to discuss how to unblock Facebook in China. What tools are using to access Facebook from China? 

The most often used tool is VPN. This is a gray section. Chinese government hasn't announce VPN is legal or illegal.  It is blocking VPN by Great FireWall. You can find some posts on the internet about their VPNs are unavailable in China. So please pick one VPN does work in China. Many people who are in China are using FlyVPN. When you are in China, you can use it to unblock Facebook.


Maybe it is not a long distance Facebook will be available in China. Will Facebook get into the same situation as Google. So just tuned!

November 23, 2016

[The Ultimate Guide] How to Get China VPN Service

The people's republic of china is a country taking serious internet censorship. People who are living in China are not able to access Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail, etc. Many expats before arriving in China have to prepare several VPNs to bypass Great Firewall. Worthwhile, millions of Chinese don't know what is VPN, why should we use VPN, what we can do with VPN. Certainly, a large numbers of people think it is illegal to use VPN in China. People in GFW are trying to find way to bypass GFW to access website/App like Reddit, at the same time, people outside of GFW are looking for ways to cross GFW to access website/app like Youku. Whatever the reason you want to get China VPN, it is for business, interest, or other reasons. Here, I will show you how to get Chinese VPN.

Get Connected on China VPN Servers Now to Get China VPN

You can choose to configure VPN by yourself via VPS. Generally, it is very difficult for people who don't have any IT knowledge. So most of people would like to use VPNs provided by VPN service providers. On the internet, there are many free and paid VPNs. If you don't care your privacy, try to use free VPN, otherwise, invest about 10 dollar to buy paid VPNs with high-level security. VPN service provider have to rent or buy China VPN servers from ISP like China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom provider, because China government is blocking VPN connection, and often crackdown VPN service that many VPNs are not available to use in China, servers are very easily to be blocked. Anyway, the point is to get connected on China VPN servers to get China VPN. Once get connected, you can get Chinese IP address with VPN to China. Whatever you want to get connected on China VPN on Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, or Android, you should pick one VPN service provider offers multiple China VPN servers, clients and Apps for different platforms. If you are looking for best China VPN, try to use FlyVPN. It is offering more than 90 China VPN servers. Check its server list. BTW you can download the China VPN app/client for free. It is available to pay with Alipay, UnionPay, BitCoin.
FlyVPN China VPN Servers

What Can You do with China VPN?

You can use China VPN to watch Youku, CNTV, CCTV, iQiYi, listen TTPOD, and other websites or Apps which are only limited Chinese IP address to access. Certainly, data on your device will be secured after get connected on VPN.
Unblock Content with China VPN


China VPN is the point to get VPN in China and pretend you are living in China. It is just a trick to protect online privacy or unblock content with region limited. In China, there are many internet restrictions. So if you want to get break the censorship, you have to get VPN for China. 

November 19, 2016

How To Create US Apple ID Without Credit Card

Are you looking for ways to create US Apple ID to download some Apps are only available in US Apple Store. Personally, I have many countries Apple ID like United States, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand. In my opinion, just want to download some Apps is not available in my region. Also sometimes there are some Apps free for limited time. Hence, create US Apple ID is the way to bypass the region store. Many users are complaining that they don't have United States credit card. They can't create US Apple ID without US credit card. It still asks me to input credit card info. Let those limitation out. Just follow me to create US Apple ID without credit card.

  • One Email which hasn't registered Apple ID
  • USA VPN when you can't select NONE under payment method
  • US Address, Zip Code and Phone number

Briefly steps to create US Apple ID without credit card

Step #1 Logout your old Apple ID

Step #2 Choose one free App to install

Step #3 Choose to create new Apple ID

Step #4 Select United States as region

Step #5 Tap Next

Step #6 Tap Agree

Step #7 Input Email, Password. Setting security Info, date of birth... Tap Next

Step #8 Tap None. If you can't see the option, please get connected to USA VPN. If you are creating US Apple ID on iPhone or iPad, please get 14 day free US VPN for iOS users.

Step #9 Enter Billing Address. Here, you must enter correct postal code, prefecture, city, address and phone. If you can't find the address info, please input the details as following:
  Title: Input whatever you want
  First Name: Input whatever you want
  Last Name: Input whatever you want
  Address: St. Vincent's
  Address: 810 Saint Vincents Drive
  City: Brimingham
  State: AL-Alabama
  Zip: 35205
  Phone: 205  939 7000

We get the address info from Google. You can also use Google Maps to help you.

Then all things are done. US Apple ID is around the corner!

November 9, 2016

How To Watch Walking Dead Season 7 Full Episode On AMC from Everywhere

The Walking Dead is an American horror television drama series developed by Frank Darabont. It is based on the Comic Series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Its Season 7 Episode 3 is available on AMC now. But if you are living outside of United States, the video on AMC website is not available to watch. There is a sex audio of "This content is currently unavailable".  So if you want to watch Walking Dead Season 7 full episode on AMC outside of United States, just get connected to USA VPN to change IP address into US IP address. It is so easy. 
Walking Dead Season 7

Get USA VPN To Watch Walking Dead Season 7 Full Episode On AMC

Because the content on AMC is only available to access from United States. When you are not in USA, you are not able to watch Walking Dead Season 7. Hence, get USA VPN on PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device to unblock restricted content on AMC. There are many VPNs on the internet. But if you want to watch TV shows swimmingly, highly recommend to choose stable and fast VPN service. Whatever you want to buy paid VPN service or join free VPN service. BTW free VPN is not recommended for security. So please pick one paid VPN service with free trial and nice money back guarantee. You can use the
14 day trial USA VPN App for Unlock AMC from everywhere. For PC users, get free trial USA VPN by creating account of FlyVPN.

Watch Walking Dead Season 7 On AMC from now on

After get connected to USA VPN, then you can watch Walking Dead Season 7 full episode from anywhere. Whatever you want to watch videos on AMC on Android, iPhone, PC, USA VPN is the solution. 
Watch Walking Dead Season 7 On AMC

November 6, 2016

How To Get Malaysia VPN On Android, iOS

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia. Generally, users require to get Malaysia VPN when they need to use Malaysia IP address to access blocked contents or Apps. Hence, many Malaysia users are discussing on  lowyat about which one VPN is the best. Actually, it's very objective about which is the best for you. 
but you can try those VPN. Most of VPNs are offering free trial or nice money back guarantee. So it is very easy to get Malaysia VPN on PC, Android and iOS. But many guys don't know how to operate. In one word, download and install VPN client/App, login, choose server then get connected to Malaysia VPN.
Malaysia VPN

Because many users don't know how to get Malaysia VPN on Android and iOS, here, we would like to guide how to get free Malaysia VPN on Android and iOS. For PC users, please read guideline about how to get free trial Malaysia VPN on PC.  
Most of users would like to test first the invote money into VPN service. So we highly recommend FlyVPN. It is the best VPN for Android and iOS. A large numbers of users are using it. Fast speed and stable servers. Why not give it a try without cost. 

Some tips for win free Malaysia VPN on Android and iOS

If you still can't get the point, read picture and text tutorial here.


It is so easy to get Malaysia VPN on PC, Android, and iOS. What you need to do is to test those VPN then you will pick out the best VPN for you. In this article, we recommend you to get free Malaysia VPN for test, many countries' VPN servers are available to free trial. So why not give it a try!