December 23, 2015

Watch Free Chinese TV Shows and Movies On iQIYI Outside China

iQIYI is an online video platform in China. As of 2015, it is the largest online video site in China. Chinese audiences like to watch Chinese TV shows and movies on iQIYI. Which compatible well with iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows. If you don't know where can you download iQIYI app or client, just visit here.  We just find many guys are searching 'iQIYI  EXO next door', the EXO next door TV shows is not available to work in iQIYI. If you want to watch iQIYI EXO next door, you can watch it on LINE TV. If you are in China, you can watch most of resources on iQIYI except limited VIP. But when you are living outside China, you will get error message like 'Sorry, this video is not available in your region due to copyright limitations'. So what can we do is to use China VPN service. Get Chinese IP address is the way to unlock iQIYI outside China. So whatever you are using iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, PC, android phone and tablet. You can watch free Chinese TV shows and movies on iQIYI outside of China with mainland China VPN. Then I will show you how to process later.

Get error message when accessing iQIYI outside China
Unable to access iQIYI contents outside China for copyright limitations

Unlock iQIYI Outside China With China VPN To Watch Free Chinese TV Shows and Movies

Unlock iQIYI from abroad is very easy. Just connect to China VPN on devices, then all things will be done. So if you would like to unlock iQIYI on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, PC, android phone and tablet, you have to know how to setup China VPN on those devices. Many people want to test speed first, yeah, FlyVPN is the best China VPN service provider, offering 40+ China VPN servers covered most of important cities. Also it is offering free trial China VPN. You can create one account to test it. Anyway, you can refer to the tutorials below to learn how to setup free China VPN on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, android phone, android tablet.

How To Get free 14 days VPN on android(14 days free VPN membership)
Free Trial China VPN Of FlyVPN


Are you looking for ways to unlock iQIYI outside China to watch free Chinese TV shows and movies? If yes, this article will be helpful for you. Users can test speed first with free China VPN, if the performance is well, ahead to buy best China VPN now to unlock iQIYI from abroad.

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