December 14, 2015

Twitter, Skype, IMO Blocked in Bangladesh

Three days after lifting a 22-day ban on Facebook, Bangladesh Government blocked social network sites Twitter, Skype and IMO yesterday. People who are living in Bangladesh got blocked Viber, WhatsApp, Tango, Mypeople and Line on January, but government lifted the block 4 days later. Bangladesh residents are complaining the block action. Why government often take action to block social network time and time. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) last evening sent a letter to all mobile phone operators and telecom service providers in the country, asking them to suspend the three popular services immediately. For the reason, the explanation is they acted on government instructions. Is Bangladesh afraid free speech? Why Twitter, Skype IMO get blocked by Bangladesh government? When the block will be lifted? Do you want to get freedom internet to enjoy internet freedom? The solution is to use VPN service to unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO in Bangladesh. Many Bangladesh guys are configured out with VPN to unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X android phone/tablet and PC. So later, we will show you how to unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO in Bangladesh with VPN.
Twitter, Skype, IMO Blocked in Bangladesh

Unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO In Bangladesh With VPN

You can connect to any country VPN to unlock, Twitter, IMO in Bangladesh. The government is just blocking Bangladesh ISP. So you can connect to USA, Singapore, Japan, Thailand... VPN servers to unlock those blocked websites. Regarding which VPN you should pick, we suggest you to pick one VPN service with free trial or free version without credit card. As we know that some VPNs do offer free trial version but require to input buy first or bind credit card first. If you are interesting to unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO in Bangladesh with VPN, why not use the free trial VPN without binding credit card. The free trial VPN service provider is FlyVPN, so check guidance as following to get connected to VPN to use Twitter, Skype, IMO in Bangladesh now.
For PC, iOS and android phone/tablet
Just create one FlyVPN account, then access via FlyVPN client/apps for PC, iOS, and android devices. BTW the trial version is only available 20 minutes per time, 3 times per days, but you can use it everyday. If you don't often use those apps, the usage time is enough.
*If you have android devices, you can won 19 days free VPN membership in total, check guidance to get free VPN for android here.
If you think the VPN is working well for you, and you want to keep connected to VPN service without disconnect and protect your online privacy. Christmas is around the corner, you can check FlyVPN Xmas Deal to save money.


Hope Bangladesh government will lift the block as soon as possible, thought it won't, just keep connected to VPN service to enjoy internet freedom on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X Android phone and tablet. 

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