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September 5, 2016

Apple iCloud Vulnerability Event 2016

Apple iCloud service was reported existing vulnerability recently. Many celebrities' photos were leaked. Worthwhile, the security of cloud service is safe or not. Some professionals said "Cloud service is safe, privacy leaking is by people's action." Apple also announced the vulnerability was caused by people. But many people think the event will affect iPhone 7/7 Plus sale.
iCloud Vulnerability

Reasons of Privacy Leaking and Ways to Protect Privacy

Professionals think the main reason of privacy leaking is human factor. For example, many people are using the same username, password and Email on multiple websites. Once hackers get your account information from one website. They can hack all your accounts. So we should pay more attention to protect privacy. Now, let us show you what can you do to protect online identity. 

Set strong password for your account

Don't set the same password for your accounts. It is easy to be hacked once someone know your password. Set strong password for online password. Password should include letter, number and symbol.

Be care  to use public WiFi

Some public WiFi don't require to input password. Anyone can get connected to the WiFi. So it is easy for someone to access your computer to access your files. Though some public WiFi is require to input password, many users are using the same WiFi. The data in your devices is very easy to be filched. So be care to use public WiFi.

Connect to VPN service To Protect Online Privacy

VPN is a network that is constructed by using public wires — usually the Internet — to connect to a private network. Once connected to VPN, your network will be secured. A large numbers users are using VPN service to protect privacy, but don't use those free VPN service. Server is not free, so if you use free VPN, maybe your privacy will be sold to other companies. So we'd prefer to recommend you to join paid VPN service. We are using FlyVPN to protect privacy. Also you can use it to access some censored websites in your country.


iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be announced on 9th September. Users can buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on 16th September. Professionals said this vulnerability maybe effect the sale of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Let us stay tuned. Worthwhile, don't forget to install best VPN for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to protect your online privacy.

December 17, 2015

Brazil Restores WhatsApp Service After Temporarily Blocked

A court in Brazil Thursday suspended the messaging service WhatsApp for 48 hours because the American firm refused to place wiretaps on certain WhatsApp accounts. Shorty after temporarily blocked, Brazil government lifted the block. There are about 100 million Brazilians who regularly send messages with the service. Brazil applied the block for 48 hours, how Brazilians spend their time without WhatsApp. This block lead many Brazilians ahead to connect to VPN service to unlock WhatsApp in Brazil. Whatever you are using iPhone, iPad, android phone, android tablet, Mac OS X, just download VPN clients/apps and get connected to VPN. Then all things will  be get done. 
Brazil Restores WhatsApp Service After Temporarily Blocked

More and more governments have been increasingly willing to block American Internet services as part of legal disputes. A month ago, China government blocked WhatsApp for citizens using  VPN to send/receive message, then half month agao, Bangladesh temporarily banned Skype, IMO, Twitter. Also Turkey government blocked Twitter, Facebook for several days. Sometimes we can't get why governments would like to take action to block message apps to hide citizens' eyes. Actually, people can also take way to unlock the ban with VPN service.  Which is a tool to change IP address in seconds that your ISP providers can't trace where you are. Once governments asked telecommunications carriers to block some service, people will take way to unlock the ban/block. Which cause more and more people to use VPN to unlock ban. Tough Brzail restores WhatsApp service after temporarily blocked, many Brazilians are trending to use VPN to protect privacy in case of government are mentoring their information.

Finally, The 48-hour ban did not last. Brazilians celebrated on social media. Worthwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook "Your voices have been heard and the block has been lifted." If people will get social network ban by government later, don't hesitate to fight with government. We can unlock the ban easily with VPN. Just enjoy internet freedom and keep contacted with your families and friends.

December 14, 2015

Twitter, Skype, IMO Blocked in Bangladesh

Three days after lifting a 22-day ban on Facebook, Bangladesh Government blocked social network sites Twitter, Skype and IMO yesterday. People who are living in Bangladesh got blocked Viber, WhatsApp, Tango, Mypeople and Line on January, but government lifted the block 4 days later. Bangladesh residents are complaining the block action. Why government often take action to block social network time and time. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) last evening sent a letter to all mobile phone operators and telecom service providers in the country, asking them to suspend the three popular services immediately. For the reason, the explanation is they acted on government instructions. Is Bangladesh afraid free speech? Why Twitter, Skype IMO get blocked by Bangladesh government? When the block will be lifted? Do you want to get freedom internet to enjoy internet freedom? The solution is to use VPN service to unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO in Bangladesh. Many Bangladesh guys are configured out with VPN to unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X android phone/tablet and PC. So later, we will show you how to unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO in Bangladesh with VPN.
Twitter, Skype, IMO Blocked in Bangladesh

Unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO In Bangladesh With VPN

You can connect to any country VPN to unlock, Twitter, IMO in Bangladesh. The government is just blocking Bangladesh ISP. So you can connect to USA, Singapore, Japan, Thailand... VPN servers to unlock those blocked websites. Regarding which VPN you should pick, we suggest you to pick one VPN service with free trial or free version without credit card. As we know that some VPNs do offer free trial version but require to input buy first or bind credit card first. If you are interesting to unlock Twitter, Skype, IMO in Bangladesh with VPN, why not use the free trial VPN without binding credit card. The free trial VPN service provider is FlyVPN, so check guidance as following to get connected to VPN to use Twitter, Skype, IMO in Bangladesh now.
For PC, iOS and android phone/tablet
Just create one FlyVPN account, then access via FlyVPN client/apps for PC, iOS, and android devices. BTW the trial version is only available 20 minutes per time, 3 times per days, but you can use it everyday. If you don't often use those apps, the usage time is enough.
*If you have android devices, you can won 19 days free VPN membership in total, check guidance to get free VPN for android here.
If you think the VPN is working well for you, and you want to keep connected to VPN service without disconnect and protect your online privacy. Christmas is around the corner, you can check FlyVPN Xmas Deal to save money.


Hope Bangladesh government will lift the block as soon as possible, thought it won't, just keep connected to VPN service to enjoy internet freedom on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X Android phone and tablet. 

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November 25, 2015

China Disrupt Mobile Service For Citizens Using VPN or WhatsApp

Some citizens who are living in Xinjiang, China got cut off mobile service for using VPN service or WhatsApp on Phone. Apparently, Chinese government is censoring people's communcation, otherwise, it won't know the applications using in Phones. That's all depends on Chinese communication providers like China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. Residents, including both Chinese citizens and foreigners, are receiving SMS text messages from their mobile service providers telling them that their service is being suspended, according to several citizens who spoke anonymously to the New York Times. The reason has been attributed to their usage of VPNs or WhatsApp to bypass state-mandated filters or get information from overseas.
China Disrupt Mobile Service For Citizens Using VPN or WhatsApp

One citizen living in Xinjiang's capital city of Urumqi - who had used a VPN to access popular photo-sharing app Instagram, which is banned in China – said that when he went to his local police station, he encountered a line of 20 people waiting to ask police to restore their service. Some are Chinese, some are foreigners. The police will check their identity card and mobile phone. Then tell them when their mobile services will be restored.

Most of expats in China are very familiar with the "Great Firewall of China". Not only expats are advocated to find VPN to break GFW in China and keep contacted with families and friends through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail...etc, but also some Chinese guys are in the same situations. We don't know why Chinese government take the action to suspend citizens' mobile devices for using VPN or WhatsAPP. is it for ISIS?

The suspend mobile devices event isn't replicated in other cities. It seems that the event only happened in Xinjiang. Many our friends in Shanghai and Beijing are using VPN service everyday to access their Facebook accounts. More and more people who are living in China will take caution to pick up VPN service. Check out best VPN for China Users. Whatever you are using PC, iPhone, iPad, android phone/tablet, or Mac OS X. It is very easy to get through the GFW from China. 
How To Get Through Great Fireawall On Mac OS X
How To Break Great Firewall On iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
How To Break Great Firewall On Android
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August 5, 2015

India Blocks Porn Websites may Lead Indian VPN Users Rising

India Blocks Porn Websites may Lead Indian VPN Users Rising
India Blocks Porn Websites
Indian internet service providers (ISPs) received a notice from the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) on July 31, including a list of blocking 857 websites.According to an authoritative source at an ISP, most of those websites are running contents on pornography. All the ISPs have to implement the block for the ISP license. Several netizens in India tried to visit pornographic websites in the last couple of days, but they found blank pages or read a message, "This site has been blocked as per the instructions of Competent Authority". Among those 857 blocked websites, Indian government seems has failed to define the porn website. According to the report on Times of India, 5 websites(,,, Barstool Sports, were blocked by mistake.A DoT spokesperson explained that the Telecom department did not matter the name of websites while deciding the list of blocking 857 websites. Just because they received the list from the Centre in a bid to curb child pornography. Will this policy block Indians to watch porn websites? Absolutely, the answer is no.
Many Indians are doubting why government launches the stupid policy. Some people said we are over 18 years old, why we can't access porn websites. The block will make more and more guys involve to use VPN to access porn websites. Some people are discussing which is the best VPN to unlock those porn websites. One guy in India post tweets on Twitter said he can unlock those porn websites with VPN. As has been proven time and time again, The limitation of certain services on the web doesn't block people to visit those blocked services, rather, it makes more and more people to find way to bypass the blockage. Regarding the porn ban, it bolsters the use of VPNs to access banned sites.
Actually, rare people know VPNs, and don't know its usage. In one word, VPNs is a tool which can break internet limitations, worthwhile, it is a good way to protect your privacy and secure your internet connection. If you are looking for best VPN for Indians, why not try FlyVPN. It is providing free trial VPN account and 30 days money back guarantee. Try it without cost.