December 20, 2015

How To Unlock Pandora Internet Radio On iPhone, iPad Outside USA, AU, NZ

Pandora Internet Radio is also known as Pandora Radio or simply Pandora. It is a music streaming and automated music recommendation service powered by the Music Genome Project. It is a good place to enjoy music. But this service is only available in USA, Australia  and New Zealand. Previously, we have wrote article to unlock Pandora Radio on PC outside USA, AU and NZ. So now, we will show you how to unlock Pandora on iPhone, iPad. When you are living outside of USA, AU and NZ, access Pandora app on iPhone, iPad, you will get error message like 'Sorry, Pandora is not available in this country'.  So what we need to do is to make Pandora app think we are living in USA, AU or NZ. IP address is the mail tool to recognize where you are living. So just connect to VPN service to get US IP address, Australia IP address or New Zealand IP address.  BTW Pandora app for iOS is only available in USA, Australia and New Zealand App store. So if you don't have, you have to create one U.S., Australia or New Zealand Apple ID. Anyway, the key is to get connected to VPN service on iPhone, iPad to unlock Pandora.
Pandora is not available in your country
  • One US, AU or NZ Apple ID without credit card
  • USA, Australia, or New Zealand VPN
  • Know how to setup VPN on iPhone, iPad

Create Another One Country Apple ID Without Credit Card

Actually, it is very easy to create another one country Apple ID. What we need now is an US, AU or NZ Apple ID. Here, we will show you how to create one US Apple ID. The key for creating US Apple ID without credit card is to find a free App, then install it to create one new Apple ID. Choose United States as country. Then input some required info. You can refer to this article to create Japanese Apple ID. It is same principle to create US Apple ID. We created US Apple ID without VPN, but when we created US Apple ID on iPad today, it won't let us get into the last step. Only when we connect to USA VPN, then get into last step to verify Email. If you are in the same situation as me, just connect to USA VPN on iPhone, iPad to create US Apple ID. Once created US apple ID, then you can download Pandora app in Apple Store. 
If you don't know what address you should input during registration, input the USA address, code and phone number as following:
Address 1: 611 University Hall, Mail Code 1510
Berkeley, CA 94720-1510
Phone: 510-642-5735
Address 2: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford CA 94305
Phone: 404-894-1610 
Download Pandora On iPhone, iPad Outside of USA, AU, NZ

Get Connected to VPN Service in USA, AU, NZ to Unlock Pandora On iPhone, iPad Everywhere

After got one Apple ID to download Pandora on iPhone, iPad outside of USA, Australia, New Zealand, then you should know how to setup VPN on iPhone, iPad. Most of VPN service providers are compatible well with iOS. So you can pick one VPN service with US, Australia, or New Zealand VPN servers. There are many VPN services providers on the internet and you don't know which one is good. Why not check whether VPN will work for you to unlock Pandora. We find FlyVPN is best free trial VPN service provider, so why not test without cost. If you think the free trial version is well, buy VPN service to unlock Pandora.
Unlock Pandora On iPhone, iPad With VPN Service

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