November 19, 2016

How To Create US Apple ID Without Credit Card

Are you looking for ways to create US Apple ID to download some Apps are only available in US Apple Store. Personally, I have many countries Apple ID like United States, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand. In my opinion, just want to download some Apps is not available in my region. Also sometimes there are some Apps free for limited time. Hence, create US Apple ID is the way to bypass the region store. Many users are complaining that they don't have United States credit card. They can't create US Apple ID without US credit card. It still asks me to input credit card info. Let those limitation out. Just follow me to create US Apple ID without credit card.

  • One Email which hasn't registered Apple ID
  • USA VPN when you can't select NONE under payment method
  • US Address, Zip Code and Phone number

Briefly steps to create US Apple ID without credit card

Step #1 Logout your old Apple ID

Step #2 Choose one free App to install

Step #3 Choose to create new Apple ID

Step #4 Select United States as region

Step #5 Tap Next

Step #6 Tap Agree

Step #7 Input Email, Password. Setting security Info, date of birth... Tap Next

Step #8 Tap None. If you can't see the option, please get connected to USA VPN. If you are creating US Apple ID on iPhone or iPad, please get 14 day free US VPN for iOS users.

Step #9 Enter Billing Address. Here, you must enter correct postal code, prefecture, city, address and phone. If you can't find the address info, please input the details as following:
  Title: Input whatever you want
  First Name: Input whatever you want
  Last Name: Input whatever you want
  Address: St. Vincent's
  Address: 810 Saint Vincents Drive
  City: Brimingham
  State: AL-Alabama
  Zip: 35205
  Phone: 205  939 7000

We get the address info from Google. You can also use Google Maps to help you.

Then all things are done. US Apple ID is around the corner!

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