November 23, 2016

[The Ultimate Guide] How to Get China VPN Service

The people's republic of china is a country taking serious internet censorship. People who are living in China are not able to access Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail, etc. Many expats before arriving in China have to prepare several VPNs to bypass Great Firewall. Worthwhile, millions of Chinese don't know what is VPN, why should we use VPN, what we can do with VPN. Certainly, a large numbers of people think it is illegal to use VPN in China. People in GFW are trying to find way to bypass GFW to access website/App like Reddit, at the same time, people outside of GFW are looking for ways to cross GFW to access website/app like Youku. Whatever the reason you want to get China VPN, it is for business, interest, or other reasons. Here, I will show you how to get Chinese VPN.

Get Connected on China VPN Servers Now to Get China VPN

You can choose to configure VPN by yourself via VPS. Generally, it is very difficult for people who don't have any IT knowledge. So most of people would like to use VPNs provided by VPN service providers. On the internet, there are many free and paid VPNs. If you don't care your privacy, try to use free VPN, otherwise, invest about 10 dollar to buy paid VPNs with high-level security. VPN service provider have to rent or buy China VPN servers from ISP like China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom provider, because China government is blocking VPN connection, and often crackdown VPN service that many VPNs are not available to use in China, servers are very easily to be blocked. Anyway, the point is to get connected on China VPN servers to get China VPN. Once get connected, you can get Chinese IP address with VPN to China. Whatever you want to get connected on China VPN on Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, or Android, you should pick one VPN service provider offers multiple China VPN servers, clients and Apps for different platforms. If you are looking for best China VPN, try to use FlyVPN. It is offering more than 90 China VPN servers. Check its server list. BTW you can download the China VPN app/client for free. It is available to pay with Alipay, UnionPay, BitCoin.
FlyVPN China VPN Servers

What Can You do with China VPN?

You can use China VPN to watch Youku, CNTV, CCTV, iQiYi, listen TTPOD, and other websites or Apps which are only limited Chinese IP address to access. Certainly, data on your device will be secured after get connected on VPN.
Unblock Content with China VPN


China VPN is the point to get VPN in China and pretend you are living in China. It is just a trick to protect online privacy or unblock content with region limited. In China, there are many internet restrictions. So if you want to get break the censorship, you have to get VPN for China. 

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