October 20, 2016

[Guide] How To Get Free China VPN for Android

Are you looking for China VPN for Android to bypass Great firewall? Internet users in Great firewall are searching ways to break the GFW to keep in touch with international news. Also some users who are living in outside of China want to get network like in GFW. This is because what they want is different. Here, we will show you how to get free China VPN for Android. Whatever you are searching terms "VPN into China", "Chinese IP address",  "China VPN free", or "VPN China free trial", just read the guidance as following.
Get Free China VPN for Android

Following China economic development, more and more companies want to expand China market,  because China government is censoring internet contents. It is not easy to get latest & exact news about China. Worthwhile, many Chinese who are living outside of China want to unblock contents which are not available to access outside of China. So we checked many VPN service providers. Finally, we find one VPN provider: FlyVPN offers China VPN servers for free trial. Most of VPNs are providing USA, Hong Kong, United Kingdom VPN server for free trial. 
*All new users install FlyVPN Android App can get 14-day China VPN for free 
*Once 14-day trial China VPN is expired, you can still test China VPN server, but time limited. 20 minutes per time, 3 times each day 
*My invitation code 277 938 36 (Input in the invitation page, get 5 day again. I will get 5 day too)
Download free China VPN Apk or download from Google Play store

Briefly instructions about how to get connected to free China VPN servers.

  • Install and run App
  • Create account
  • Choose one China VPN server
  • Get connected to China VPN now
  • Done
OS Mininum Requirements: Android 4.0+

Compatible well with main phone: Google Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, HongMi Pro, HuaWei Honor, ViVo,  Samsung Galaxy, HTC 10, Moto, etc..

What Can You Do after connected to free China VPN on your Android device?

Firstly, after connected to VPN, your network is encrypted. It is a way to protect your privacy. Secondly, get Chinese IP address that you can surf like you are in China. So users can access Youku, QQ Music, Kuwo, KuGou, NetEase Music, BiliBili, iQiYi, etc.. So just join FlyVPN to get free China VPN for Android.


Once get connected to China VPN on your Android phone or tablet. Then the server will assign one Chinese IP address to you. So just like you are living in China. Unlock contents which are only limited in China with it is so easy. If you have any questions, please leave comment.

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