September 30, 2015

How To Get Chinese IP Address into China?

Previously, I have wrote an article about best VPN app for iphone to use in china, users can use the reliable iPhone VPN app to access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google on iPhone while in China. but if you want to get Chinese IP address into China, what we can do? Firstly, we should know that VPN is the tool we should use. For Chinese IP address, we have to connect to China VPN server. Once connected it will assign one Chinese IP address to your PC.  Keep on reading, we will show you why we should get Chinese IP and how to get IP address into China. 

Why Do We Need Chinese IP address?

Many people will ask why do we need Chinese IP address. Following China economy development, many companies are would like to spread market into China. But many information are not available to get from government websites. Most of Chinese government websites are only allow Chinese IP address to access. Worthwhile, some people want to watch movies on YouKu, CNTV, LeTV, SoHu, listen music on QQ music, Kugou, Xiami, Kuwo, yinyuetai from abroad. Because copyright limitation, users can only access those contents with Chinese IP. Absolutely, maybe other reasons I don't know are existing. Don't hesitate to leave a comment to tell us. :)

What can we do With Chinese IP address?

  • Hide your real IP address
  • Access blocked websites in China. Such as YouKu, CNTV, LeTV, QQ music and so on
  • Encrypt the data you send over your Internet connection and keep it safe
  • Get good speed to play Chinese online games from abroad

Pick up best China VPN Service Provider

we have noted that the solution to get Chinese IP address into China is China VPN service. So we should do is to pick up best China VPN service provider now. There are quite a lot of providers offering IPs in China, but you should be aware of the fact that most servers are located in Hong Kong. It is not real Chinese IP address. We should find the VPN servers located in mainland China. We know that most of VPN providers are offering rarely real Chinese IP address VPN. But we know one China VPN provider is providing more than 40 VPN servers located in Gudong, Shanghai, JiangSu, BeiJing, FuJian, ZheJiang, Auhui, Hunan. The provider is  FlyVPN. It is offering 30 money back guarantee. Users can buy one month to give it a try. BTW it is also providing China VPN trial. It is free.  You can try out with its free trial VPN account and password on android phone and PC. For iPhone users, get FlyVPN iOS app from iTunes store. If you want to how to setup the trial VPN service on multiple platforms, refer to the tutorials as following:
China VPN Servers List of FlyVPN

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