September 6, 2015

Listen and Download Free Music From TTPOD App On Android

TTPOD(Chines Simplified: 天天动听, Chinese Traditional: 天天動聽 Chinese PinYin: Tian Tian Dong Ting)is a Chinese online music provider, integrated broadcast, sound effects, searches, downloads and many other functions. Absolutely free cell phone music player. Support for most mobile phone models and audio formats, cool skin. BTW it supports English and Chinese. Most of Chinese online music Apps are not support English language. This is one point why many foreigners would like to use the APP. TTPOD is one of the most successful and popular music players for Android with more than 10 million downloads worldwide. But recently, TTPOD users who are living outside of China can't use the App. They get the error message as 'your ip is restricted, sorry, you can not enjoy our online service for the copyright problem.'. There are small difference for users in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries. For Taiwan and Hong Kong users, users can only connect to China VPN to break IP restriction. For users outside of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, we can make a trick to listen and download music without VPN. We will show you later how to listen and download music from TTPOD Android App around the world.
TTPOD App is not available to use outside of China

Listen and Download Free Music With TTPOD APP Worldwide except Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China

People who are not living in Taiwan, Hong Kong will get the error message we noted in paragraph above after open the App. But you still can tap 'Discover' to search music. Ahead to test now. If this way doesn't work for you, first, you can turn on Airplane mode, then open the App. Second, you still can see the error message, but ignore it. Hit 'Discover' to search music now. If you tried the two ways, but no luck, please refer to the way for Taiwan and Hong Kong users. We will show you later.
Unlock TTPOD App From Outside of China, TW, HK

Listen and Download Free Music Over TTPOD APP In Taiwan and Hong Kong

Users in Taiwan and Hong Kong can't use the way above to bypass IP restriction. The solution is connect to China VPN service on android. It is very difficult to find China VPN free on the internet. Though you can find, it is not very safe. We know one VPN service provides China VPN servers in trial account. It is FlyVPN. You can test it first. If the performance is well, you can check VPN price. $10 per month with more than 20 mainland China VPN servers. BTW you can also use it to watch free films, TV shows on SoHu, YouKu, Tudou, LeTV and so on.
Refer to China VPN trial account and Password as following:
VPN account: vpnc
VPN password: Get latest trial VPN password now
China VPN server address:;;;
Previously, we have covered how to setup VPN on android . In this article, we noted how to setup the trial VPN on android, please follow it step by step.

New Android users can get 14 days free China VPN for installing FlyVPN Android App. Once get the free VPN, you can get connected on China VPN without disconnection.
Connected On China VPN To Listen and Download Free Music From TTPOD APP

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