September 23, 2015

How To Visit From Abroad is the most famous forum on online games in Korea. A large numbers of players are discussing there on League of Legend, Tera, Tree of Savior, Bless and so on. But recently, players who are living outside of Korea can't access inven site. We tested with Chinese, US, and Japanese IP address, the results are the same. Many players would like to check information there. But no luck for players who are living outside of Korea. So players are complaining this on Twitter. Now the point is how can we visit from abroad. Using VPN service is the fastest way rather than take airplanes there to get Korean IP address. VPN is a tool which can change IP address into another countries' IP address in second. So we should connect to Korea VPN to visit inven from abraod.
Visit From Abroad With Korea VPN

How To Get Korea VPN

For Korea VPN, you can find there are many VPN providers in market. But which one is the most suitable for you. Also you should take care to pick VPN service provider. You can follow some tips below to pick out VPN service provider:
  • The location of its servers. Please confirm the provider is offering the VPN servers you want to use.
  • The encryption protocols it uses for your data. PPTP, L2TP/IPSec or OpenVPN.
  • Any limitations it might have on bandwidth.
  • What operating systems and devices it supports.Such as Windows, iOS, android or other OS.
  • The price, payments and currency. 
  • Provides free/free trial and money back guarantee
You can abide the criteria above to choose VPN provider. If you still don't know which one is best for you. We recommend you to use FlyVPN. Because it is offering Korea VPN server in trial accounts. Also the money back guarantee of FlyVPN is very nice. It is 30-day money back guarantee. Anyway, if you just want to use Korea VPN for a short time. You can use its trial accounts. There are some limits on it. One users can only use the trial version for only 3 times per day, 20 minutes per time. Well, let us show you how to get Korea VPN on PC, iPhone and android devices later.
Connected Korea VPN On PC

Unlock with Korea VPN From Abroad

Notes: For PC and Android users, please login with 'vpnu' account and its password to use Korea VPN server. For iPhone users, just download FlyVPN iOS app then login with your account registered by yourself on website.


Access from abraod is so easy with Korea VPN. After connected on Korea VPN, your computer's IP address is Korean IP address. So we can visit inven outside Korea. If you have any problems while visiting inven, don't hesitate to contact with us.

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