January 3, 2016

How To Unlock QQMusic To Download and Listen Music From Abroad

QQMusic is a online music provider in China. Millions of users are using it to listen and download music. It is free. But if you want to download high quality music, you have to make a subscription to QQ music paid service. If you are living in Hong Kong and Taiwan, you are unable to access QQ music official website and get error message. If you are living outside of Hong Kong and Taiwn, you can access its official website, but when you want to listen music online, you will get another error message. But it is the same meaning like 'QQMusic service is not available in your country or region due to the copyright restrictions.' So we can only get Chinese IP address to bypass the copyright restriction and mask your real IP address. The simplest and fastest way to change IP address into China is to connect to China VPN. Once connected, the virtual VPN server will assign a new IP address to your computer. So it is the same principle to get Chinese IP address with China VPN. 

Unable to Listen and Download Music on QQMusic From Abroad

We have noted that people who are in Hong Kong and Taiwan are unable to access QQMusic official website for IP restricted. If you are not living in Hong Kong and Taiwan, you can access its official website, but when you want to listen music online, you will get error message too. 
Error Message for Listening music online outside of China

How To Unlock QQMusic On PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Android Phone, Android Tablet from Abroad

Please take note users are unable to download music from QQMusic web, so we can only download QQMusic client or app to download music from QQMusic. Whatever you are searching terms like 'qq music download' , 'qq music iphone' , 'qq music for mac' , 'qq music ipad' , 'qq music apk'. You can download QQMusic client and apps from here. If you can't get through copyright restriction on QQMusic, please try to connect to China VPN servers. It is the best way to unlock QQMusic from abroad.

Connect To Best China VPN Now To Unlock QQMusic Outside Mainland China

It is not easy to find a fast and stable mainland China VPN server. Also rarely VPN service providers are offering real mainland China VPN server. If you haven't any idea about that, you can use FlyVPN, it is the best China VPN provider with more than 40 mainland China VPN servers. Also you can create an account to test its free China VPN servers. You can tutorials as following to get free China VPN on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, android phone, android tablet to unlock QQMusic now.

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