January 20, 2017

[Ultimate Guide]How To Create Korean Apple ID W/O Credit Card

There are so many Apps in App store. Some publishers are only release Apps in specific countries App store. The contents or servers are not the same. So if users want to download Apps from other countries' App store. They should create another one Apple ID.

Hence, I will show you step by step how to create Korean Apple ID to access South Korea iTunes Store. Because many players would like to download game Apps from South Korean App store. but only limited free Apps. So tons of users want to create Korean Apple ID without credit card. 
Korea App Store

  • One iOS device
  • One email.
  • Korea address info

Step 1: Log out your Apple ID. Run App store, screen down - Apple ID - Sign Out. Or you can ahead to Settings - iCloud - Sign Out.
Sign Out Apple ID

Step 2: Find a free App to install. Tap Create New Apple ID.
Create New Apple ID.

Step 3: Select region as South Korea
Select region as South Korea

Step 4: Input email, password, security info, date of birth. Then follow guideline step by step.
Input Account Info

Step 5: Enter billing information like Surname, First Name, select a province, city, postcode, address and phone. 

If you still can't find the None option as photo, please install FlyVPN iOS App to get connected on Korea VPN server. New user can get 14 days Korea VPN free trial.
Create Korea Apple ID Without Credit Card

Input billing info
Users can use Google maps to find some address. If you don't want to search, just input the info as following.
Province: Seoul
City: Seoul
Postcode: 151-742 (don't forget to input hyphen)
Address: Jung-gu
Address: Sogong-dong 1-54
Phone: 2 | 7227002

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