January 24, 2017

Unblock Abema.tv Content With Japan VPN

AbemaTV is an actual company in Japan. Its office is located in Shibuya. It is jointly developed by CyberAgent and TV Asahi (the popular TV channel and company). It is a free Internet TV station in Japan. They have 30 channels available online. 

There are many videos on anime, music, reality tv, martial arts fighting, fishing, Japanese drama, foreign drama (with Japanese subtitles!) and more. 30 channels of real 24 hours Japanese TV for free. It is so great. 

It is only available in Japan. But users can find way to bypass the IP restricted.  The solution is to use Japan VPN.

When you are living outside of Japan, you will get error message like "AbemaTV is only accessible within Japan."
AbemaTV is only accessible within Japan

Get Connected To Japan VPN To Unblock Ameba.tv Content

Though the video quality on Ameba.tv is not great. It is free. So many users would like to use the service to watch Japanese videos on anime, music, reality tv, fishing and other topics. 

There are many paid and free VPNs on the internet. But I have to say is not all Japan VPN will work for this site. After get connected on Japan VPN server, then lookup IP address on whatismyip.com. If it shows your IP address is into Japan. Then you can unblock content on Abema.tv. Follow the steps as below to unblock Abema.tv now.
  • Get connected on Japan VPN on your device (PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac OS X, Android Phone or Tablet)
  • Lookup IP address to double check you have got Japanese IP address
  • If yes, visit the website to unblock content now
You can search in Google to find Japan VPN service provider. A large numbers of results you will get. Pick the best one which is the most suitable for you. BTW I am using FlyVPN global service. It is available to access Abema.tv without error message. It is offering 30 days money back guarantee. Users can give it a try without risk. 
Unblock Abema.tv Content With FlyVPN Japan 17 VPN Server


Get Japanese IP address is the key to unblock Abema.tv content. Will you buy one airplane ticket and fly to Japan or order Japan VPN to get Japanese IP address to unblcok Abema.tv website? I think 99.99% users will choose to buy Japan VPN. So am I. It is the simplest and easiest to Japanese IP address to unblock videos on Abema.tv outside of Japan.

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