July 22, 2016

How To Create Chinese Apple ID

Because Apps in different countries' Apple store are different. If you want to download some Apps limited in other countries' Apple store, you have to create the country Apple ID to download those Apps. Hence, we will show you how to crate Chinese Apple ID. Many guys are searching how can I register Apple ID without credit card. It is very easy. Just follow guidance as following.

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1. Sign out your Apple ID.

2. Choose one free App to install. (it is aim to create Apple ID without credit card)

Choose one free App to download
3. Choose to create new Apple ID.
Create New Apple ID
4. Choose China as your country or region for the store. Tap "Next".
Create China as region

5. Tap "Agree", then input some required info. Email, password, security info.

Input required info

6. Choose None in Billing information, and input billing address. 

Then ahead to Email to click the verification address. That's all! 

What can you do with Chinese Apple ID?

After get Chinese Apple ID, you can download Apps like TTPOD, QQ Music. QQ Tencent Video, KuGou, iQiYi...etc. Because some Apps are only limited in China Apple store, users have to create Chinese Apple ID to download those Apps. But if you are living outside of China, most of Apps are unable to use. So they have to use China VPN to unlock those Apps. FlyVPN is the best China VPN service. It is offering many China VPN servers in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen...etc.
It is so easy to create Chinese Apple ID, right? Just follow the guidance above to create other countries' Apple ID. If you can't use the service with Chinese Apps, you can connect to China VPN to change IP address into China to unlock the App. Anyway, hope this article is very helpful for you.

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