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October 20, 2016

[Guide] How To Get Free China VPN for Android

Are you looking for China VPN for Android to bypass Great firewall? Internet users in Great firewall are searching ways to break the GFW to keep in touch with international news. Also some users who are living in outside of China want to get network like in GFW. This is because what they want is different. Here, we will show you how to get free China VPN for Android. Whatever you are searching terms "VPN into China", "Chinese IP address",  "China VPN free", or "VPN China free trial", just read the guidance as following.
Get Free China VPN for Android

Following China economic development, more and more companies want to expand China market,  because China government is censoring internet contents. It is not easy to get latest & exact news about China. Worthwhile, many Chinese who are living outside of China want to unblock contents which are not available to access outside of China. So we checked many VPN service providers. Finally, we find one VPN provider: FlyVPN offers China VPN servers for free trial. Most of VPNs are providing USA, Hong Kong, United Kingdom VPN server for free trial. 
*All new users install FlyVPN Android App can get 14-day China VPN for free 
*Once 14-day trial China VPN is expired, you can still test China VPN server, but time limited. 20 minutes per time, 3 times each day 
*My invitation code 277 938 36 (Input in the invitation page, get 5 day again. I will get 5 day too)
Download free China VPN Apk or download from Google Play store

Briefly instructions about how to get connected to free China VPN servers.

  • Install and run App
  • Create account
  • Choose one China VPN server
  • Get connected to China VPN now
  • Done
OS Mininum Requirements: Android 4.0+

Compatible well with main phone: Google Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, HongMi Pro, HuaWei Honor, ViVo,  Samsung Galaxy, HTC 10, Moto, etc..

What Can You Do after connected to free China VPN on your Android device?

Firstly, after connected to VPN, your network is encrypted. It is a way to protect your privacy. Secondly, get Chinese IP address that you can surf like you are in China. So users can access Youku, QQ Music, Kuwo, KuGou, NetEase Music, BiliBili, iQiYi, etc.. So just join FlyVPN to get free China VPN for Android.


Once get connected to China VPN on your Android phone or tablet. Then the server will assign one Chinese IP address to you. So just like you are living in China. Unlock contents which are only limited in China with it is so easy. If you have any questions, please leave comment.

August 14, 2016

Two Chinese Websites/Apps To Watch Anime For Free

The best website or App to watch Anime for free is Bilibili and AcFun. Bilibili (stylized as bilibili, Chinese: 哔哩哔哩) is a video sharing website themed around anime, manga, and game fandom based in China, where users can submit, view, and add commentary subtitles on videos. AcFun is a Chinese video sharing site which began as an ACG themed video sharing site based on Sina Video created in June 2007. Later in 2008 the site relaunched with a Niconico-style player. For Anime fans, the two websites or Apps are the way to watch newly Anime for free. Also you can watch some Anime on YouKu, iQiYi, Sohu. But most fans would like to watch it on Bilibili or AcFun. Because some new Anime videos are only available to access in China for copyright limited, when you are living outside of China, you have to find way to unblock Bilibili and AcFun. The solution is to get connected to best China VPN to access those videos. So later we will show you how to use China VPN to watch Anime on Bilibili and AcFun from everywhere.
Bilibili logo AcFun logo

Some contents on bilibili are only available in mainland China. Get the error message when you are living outside of China.
Bilibili is only available in mainland China

Some videos on AcFun are only able to access in mainland China. Get the error message as below.
AcFun is only accessible from mainland China

Sometimes users find the load speed is very slowly, or buffering again and again. You can try to connect to VPN server located in China too. 

Download AcFun App and Bilibili App to Watch Anime Everywhere

AcFun App is compatible well with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Bilibili App is compatible well with iPhone, iPad, Android, UWP, Windows Phone devices. If you want to watch Anime in your mobile devices, ahead to download and install those Apps. 
bilibili qrcodeAcFun qrcode

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Get Free China VPN on PC
So whatever you are looking for ways to unblock Bilibili or AcFun on PC, iPhone, iPad or Android devices, or want to watch videos on Bilibili and AcFun without lag. Ahead to try to connect to China VPN to get Chinese IP address to fix the problems.

July 3, 2016

How To Unlock QQ Tencent Video Outside Mainland China

Tencent Video an online streaming video freeware created by Tencent. It is a video player too. Millions of people like to use Tencent Video to watch TV shows, entertainments, movies, NBA, US Dramas...etc. But when you are living outside of Mainland China, some contents are not available to watch for copyright limited. So what can we do? People can get connect to VPN into China. So that your computer is owning Chinese ip address to bypass geo-restricted. 
Tencent Video

If you are not surfing with Chinese ip address, you will get the error message as below. The error means 'Sorry, this video is not available in your country for copyright'. 
Tencent Video is only available in Mainland China

Get Best China VPN To Unlock Tencent Video

A large numbers of VPNs you can choose. Personally, in effective FlyVPN is the best China VPN provider. It offers more than 40 VPN servers covering Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hannan... cities. Also it supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Not only it will work for unlocking QQ video. You can also use it to protect your privacy that no one can track where you are. It is also providing free trial version. All users can create one account to test for free. For new iOS and Android users, they can get 14 days free China VPN. So head over to get connected China VPN on iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet to unlock Tencent video  from abroad now!
Pick one China VPN servers to get connected.
China VPN Server

Once get connected on China VPN and getting Chinese ip address, unblock QQ Video in seconds outside mainland China.
Unlock QQ Video with China VPN
Popular movies/drama on QQ Video

Game Of Thrones
True Detective
The Flash
The Pacific
If you can't find the link, just click here. Some videos are only free on Apps, so please install QQ video App to watch more movies, dramas for free.

June 8, 2016

How To Use KuWo In Malaysia

KuWo is one Chinese online music providers. Users can download, listen, watch MV with KuWo. If you just want to listen music online, KuWo is the way. But if you want to download music, you have to download its client or mobile App. Worthwhile you have to living in China, otherwise, it is unable to download music for copyright limitation. My friends who are living in Malaysia are getting the error on the song is not available in your region for copyright. Many Chinese are living in Malaysia, also they love to use Chinese products. It is free or cheap. For most of online music products like Pandora are not free. Because many guys are asking us about how to use KuWo in Malaysia, so that's why we are here. Actually, it is very easy. What you have to do is to get best mainland China VPN. Just get Chinese ip address to use KuWo in Malaysia.
Kuwo Logo

Basic Chinese Characters

We introduce some basic Chinese characters for those people who don't know Chinese. Hope this can help you out.
下载 - Download
登录 - Login
注册 - Register
歌手 - Singers
榜单 - Popular Songs' List
添加 - Add(add song to listen song list)
密码 - Password
邮箱 - Email
用户名 - Username

If you want to consult Chinese characters, welcome to leave comment.

Get Best China VPN In Malaysia To Unlock KuWO

After learn some basic Chinese characters, it is time to get China VPN in Malaysia to unlock KuWo. You can search in Google and find many VPN providers with China VPN. But which one you should pick. It is the best China VPN provider: FlyVPN. We will show you why it is the best. 
  • More than 70 China VPN servers, covering ShangHai, GuangDong, BeiJing, TianJin, AnHui...
  • Test for free everyday
  • Fast speed
  • Nice money back guarantee

How To Get Free China VPN

Just ahead to create one account of FlyVPN. Then you can test its service everyday for free. If you are using Android users, you can get 14 days free China VPN. If you can input my invitation code 27002031 to get extra 5 days. Regarding more events on FlyVPN, you can focus on its Facebook page.
china vpn picture
Mainland China VPN

In one word get China VPN is the solution to unlock KuWo. Let us use KuWo in Malaysia swimmingly on iPhone, Android phone, Android tablets, PC, Mac from now on.

June 1, 2016

Unlock Chinese TV Shows, Movies, Music On Mango TV Outside China

As one of the initial Internet TV licensees, Mango TV(Chinese: 芒果TV) is also one of the seven licensees holding dual licenses of “content + broadcast” in China. Under the call sign "Mango TV", Mango Internet TV started business in 2011. People can watch TV series, Shows, Movies, listen music, check latest news on it. Almost all online TV providers in China are taking strictly copyright limitation. It means that people who are living outside of China can't get access to those contents with copyright limitation like iQiYi, QQMusic, TTPod, KuGou... If you are living outside of China and want to unlock Chinese TV, Movies, Music on Mango TV from abroad, what you need is China VPN. Then we will show you later how to unlock Mango TV from abroad on android, iOS, Mac and Windows later.
Mango TV

Mango TV is only available in China

As noted above, when you are living outside of China, you will get error message means that the video is not available to watch  in your region. Some contents are only allow Chinese IP address to access. So how can we unlock contents on Mango TV from abroad? The solution is to get China IP address. 
Mango TV is only available in China

Unlock Mango TV From Abroad With China VPN

China VPN is the fastest and simplest way to get Chinese IP address to unlock contents on Mango TV from abroad. So you should pick one best China VPN for you. We recommend FlyVPN, it is the best China VPN provider for offering more than 30 China VPN servers in Shanghai, GuDong, HuNan, BeiJing...etc. You can create an account to test their service. If the performance is good, you can buy China VPN. Whatever you are using android, iOS, Mac OS X, or Windows OS, FlyVPN is providing Apps or clients for you. BTW for android users, 14 days free China VPN are waiting for you.
China VPN Servers

May 4, 2016

Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 on iQiyi: How to watch Chinese TV drama "Ode to Joy 欢乐颂" on iQiyi outside mainland China with VPN?

Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 is a currently popular mainland Chinese drama. Ode to Joy tells a story about five women living in Apartment Ode to Joy and about their love life and work as an independent woman. Ode to Joy has already started its broadcast online since April 18 2016. You can now watch Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 on iQiyi. If you are geo-blocked by iQiyi, this article will teach you how to bypass iQiyi's geographic restriction to watch Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 from any country.

Ode to Joy VPN China iQiyi from abroad

How to watch Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 on iQiyi outside mainland China with mainland China VPN?

As we all know, a VPN service is usually needed when we watch TV from abroad. In order to watch Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 on iQiyi outside mainland China, we should use a mainland China VPN to get a Chinese IP address and thus bypass iQiyi's geographic restriction. Remember. After you have connected to the VPN server in mainland China, you should clear the cache in your navigator before access iQiyi to watch Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 online from abroad.

How to watch Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 on iQiyi with China VPN on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac?

The best free China VPN I've used is FlyVPN. I strongly recommend you to use VPN servers in mainland China offered by FlyVPN to watch Ode to Joy 欢乐颂 on iQiyi. FlyVPN has launched its client for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. That means, you can get free China VPN on all these devices. You can download VPN client from the link. If you don't know how to use, please read this article: How to get free China VPN on Android, Windows, iOS and Mac.

If you have any question about how to watch Ode to Joy欢乐颂 on iQiyi with China VPN from abroad, please feel free to leave a comment to ask.

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OSTs: There's happiness waiting for you:

April 19, 2016

Watch The Mermaid free on iQiYi

The Mermaid (Chinese: 美人鱼) is a 2016 Chinese-Hong Kong science fiction fantasy romantic comedy film directed, co-written, and co-produced by Stephen Chow. A beautiful mermaid (Jelly Lin) falls for a developer (Deng Chao) who threatens the ecosystem of her species. The film has already broken mainland opening-day records, and is sure to do swimmingly at home and on foreign shores. It's grossed a ridiculous $431 million. A relatively straightforward comic love story/environmental parable, it's a sharper bit of whimsy than CJ7 and less weighed down with mythology than Journey To The West. It was released in China on February 8, 2016, now available on Chinese TV website iQiYi, all iQiYi VIP members can watch The Mermaid free.

The Mermaid defies the time-worn nature of its material, concocting pure enchantment with the director's own blend of nutty humor, intolerable cruelty and unabashed sweetness. Like an ecological "Lust, Caution," this contempo fairy tale about a mermaid who falls for the evil developer she's been sent to seduce and assassinate is strikingly relevant to China, beset as it is with myriad environmental crises.

Initial release: February 8, 2016
Country: China, Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Director: Stephen Chow
Production companies: China Film Group Corporation, Edko Films
Box office: 551 million USD
Running time: 94 minutes
Starring: Deng Chao, Show Luo, Zhang Yuqi, Lin Yun

Watch The Mermaid on iQiYi for free

iQiYi is an online video platform in China. As of 2015, it is the largest online video site in China. Chinese audiences like to watch Chinese TV shows and movies on iQIYI. But foreign viewers will get error message when accessing iQiYi. A VPN can assign you a Chinese IP, and allow you watch all programs on iQiYi.

As we all know that most of VPNs are not free. Tough it is free, it is not safe for your privacy. So we will find some free China VPN from paid VPN service providers. Because some paid VPN service providers offer some events or trial version. It is a good way to get free China VPN without any cost. Here we choose FlyVPN, they provide you with a larger server choice and also provide considerably better encryption settings for a more secure connection.