June 27, 2016

Best Free VPN Android App

Whatever you like to play games, watch TV shows, listen online music on your android devices. You have to download App do those things. But if you want to use Pandora, QQ Music, LINE TV, Viki, TTPod, Xiaomi box, TVPad, KuGou in some countries, you will get error message. So what you need is to get connected on VPN service to bypass geo-restricted. There are so many VPNs on the internet, but what is the best VPN service for you. It is difficulty to pick best VPN for everyone. So we don't suggest users to invest money into VPN suddenly. Hence we would like to show users how to get best free VPN Android App. 

Best Free VPN Android App: FlyVPN

Why we think FlyVPN is the best free VPN Android App. There are 5 reasons as following:
  • Offers maximum VPN servers for free test. Including USA, Korea, China, Japan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, UK(Britain), Germany, Spain, Russia, France, Turkey, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil VPN servers.
  • New users can get free VPN for 14 days. Input my invitation code 270 020 31 to get 5 days again. So it means that you can get 19 days free VPN in total. If you have won the bonus, you can test their service everyday too. 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day.
  • Smallest size Android VPN App. Only 2.1MB.
  • Fast speed.
  • Easy to use.

How To Use Best Free VPN Android App

Step 1: Get best Free VPN Android App from Google Play store, or download best free VPN Apk file
Installed FlyVPN Android App

Step 2: Install and run it.
Run FlyVPN Android App

Step 3: Create one account
Create FlyVPN Account

Step 4: You will get 14 days membership in your account after logged if you haven't installed FlyVPN Android App. You can input my invitation code 270 020 31 to earn 5 days.
Tips: If you have many devices, you can create new account to win bonus again. For example, if you have 2 Android device, just create  two account to get the bonus.

Step 5: Choose one VPN server
Choose one free VPN server to get connected

Step 6:  Tap connect button to get connected to the VPN server you just picked.
Get connected to best free VPN for Android

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