June 11, 2016

Unlock Videos On Viki.com Without License In Your Region

Viki is a video streaming website based in San Francisco that offers on-demand streaming video of TV shows, movies, and music videos from around the world. The company has offices in San Francisco, Singapore, Indonesia, and Seoul, South Korea. Users can watch videos on Viki for free. But some videos are only available in some regions. Generally, you can see License regions in the induction webpage of one Drama, Movie... So if you are living outside of those regions, you will get error message as 'Sorry, the video is not available in your region'. Additionally, some users can't even access viki.com. There are two reasons. One is your Internet Service Provider filtered the website, another is viki hasn't get license in your region. 
Where there is a will,there is a way. Whatever you can't access viki.com or visit some videos for copyright. The solution is to get help from VPN service to unlock Viki
Viki is not available in your region

Preview the top 10 Dramas In Viki Now

1. Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim
2. Descendants of the Sun
3. My Amazing Boyfriend
4. Mirror of the Witch
5. Five Children
6. Oh Hae Young Again
7. The Flower in Prison
8. Monster
9. Refresh Man
10. Entertainer

watch dramas, movies on viki

Get Connected on VPN Service To Unlock Viki Everywhere

Do you want to watch the top 10 dramas in English? Many guys are addicted to watch Korean dramas and movies. but they don't know Korea language. So many people love to visit Viki. Because there is license limitation, some residents can't watch contents on it. If you have the problem as described as above, you can connect to VPN to unlock everywhere. Generally, you can access all contents on Viki with USA VPN. So we prefer to recommend US VPN to you. 

Best VPN Provider out there to unlock viki.com - FlyVPN

FlyVPN is offering many VPN servers around the world. Compatible well with iOS, Android, Windows, OS X. So you can unlock Viki on devices based on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X with VPN service easily. BTW users can test its service everyday. What you have to do is to create an account. If you want to get 14 days free VPN, you can use FlyVPN android app. Event is ongoing. 

unlock videos on viki.com without License in your region with VPN

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