June 13, 2016

Buy And Download EXO Vol.3 EX'ACT On TTPOD

TTPOD is one Chinese online music provider. It had been taken over by alibaba. Its new name is Alibaba planet(Chines Simplified: 阿里星球). Alibaba aims to provide the communication platform between users and super stars. Worthwhile, together advertisers, Lyrics people and other professional people. EXO released its new album, name it as "EXO Vol.3 EX'ACT". EXO fans can buy and download the album on TTPOD. There are Chinese and Korean version of this album. The price is RMB15. Also the source will be calculated  into rank. Millions of EXO fans would like to buy EXO Vol.3 EX"ACT album to support their idol. Generally, only Korean music online websites' source can be calculated into rank. Also it is difficulty to buy album on Korean music websites' or Apps for requiring to own Korean KSSN and ID. Apparently, buy and download the album on TTPOD is more easier. We will show you how to buy and download EXO Vol.3 EX'ACT on TTPOD later.

Learn more details on EXO Vol.3 ACT:
Product Title: EXO Vol. 3 - EX’ACT
Singer Name(s): EXO
Release Date: 2016.06.10
Publisher: SM Entertainment
Track list
01. Lucky One    
02. Monster    
03. Artificial Love   
04. Cloud 9    
05. Heaven    
06. 백색소음(White Noise)    
07. 유리어항(One and Only)    
08. They Never Know    
09. Stronger    
10. Lucky One (INST)    

11. Monster (INST)  

Buy And Download EXO Vol.3 EX' ACT On TTPOD For Android and iOS(iPhone, iPad)

Whatever you want to buy and download this album via TTPOD for Android and iOS. You have to have one alipay account. It doesn't sipport other payments now. If you have't find way to buy EXO Vol.3 EX' ACT, please add me in Skype zoi0607. After bought the album, you can download and listen those songs. BTW for iOS users, you have to create one Chinese Apple ID. Just click the link to complete the registration. If you can't, please connect to China VPN to register Chinese Apple ID. Some users can't download music after bought the album. Why?

Why TTPod Can't Download Music?

Many users can't download the music whatever they bought paid music, or it is free music. We think you are not living in China is the point. Actually, it is IP restricted applied to TTPOD. So you have to use mainland China VPN to unlock the restriction. For Android users, please read the guidance download and listen music on TTPOD for Android. For iOS users, just install China VPN when you are living outside of China to unlock TTPOD IP restricted.


Users have to use China VPN to unlock TTPOD. So what is the best VPN for TTPOD? Our recommendation is FlyVPN

Why FlyVPN is the best VPN For TTPOD

  • 40+ mainland China VPN servers
  • Fast speed, high encryption
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  • Easy to use

Whatever you want to buy and download EXO Vol.3 EX'ACT(Korean or Chinese version), TTPOD is the way. If you want to listen free music on TTPOD outside of China, also, you have to get connect to China VPN to get Chinese IP address. Anyway, FlyVPN is the best VPN for TTPOD. Users can use it to listen, download and buy music online on TTPOD from everywhere.

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