June 1, 2016

Unlock Chinese TV Shows, Movies, Music On Mango TV Outside China

As one of the initial Internet TV licensees, Mango TV(Chinese: 芒果TV) is also one of the seven licensees holding dual licenses of “content + broadcast” in China. Under the call sign "Mango TV", Mango Internet TV started business in 2011. People can watch TV series, Shows, Movies, listen music, check latest news on it. Almost all online TV providers in China are taking strictly copyright limitation. It means that people who are living outside of China can't get access to those contents with copyright limitation like iQiYi, QQMusic, TTPod, KuGou... If you are living outside of China and want to unlock Chinese TV, Movies, Music on Mango TV from abroad, what you need is China VPN. Then we will show you later how to unlock Mango TV from abroad on android, iOS, Mac and Windows later.
Mango TV

Mango TV is only available in China

As noted above, when you are living outside of China, you will get error message means that the video is not available to watch  in your region. Some contents are only allow Chinese IP address to access. So how can we unlock contents on Mango TV from abroad? The solution is to get China IP address. 
Mango TV is only available in China

Unlock Mango TV From Abroad With China VPN

China VPN is the fastest and simplest way to get Chinese IP address to unlock contents on Mango TV from abroad. So you should pick one best China VPN for you. We recommend FlyVPN, it is the best China VPN provider for offering more than 30 China VPN servers in Shanghai, GuDong, HuNan, BeiJing...etc. You can create an account to test their service. If the performance is good, you can buy China VPN. Whatever you are using android, iOS, Mac OS X, or Windows OS, FlyVPN is providing Apps or clients for you. BTW for android users, 14 days free China VPN are waiting for you.
China VPN Servers

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