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June 8, 2016

How To Use KuWo In Malaysia

KuWo is one Chinese online music providers. Users can download, listen, watch MV with KuWo. If you just want to listen music online, KuWo is the way. But if you want to download music, you have to download its client or mobile App. Worthwhile you have to living in China, otherwise, it is unable to download music for copyright limitation. My friends who are living in Malaysia are getting the error on the song is not available in your region for copyright. Many Chinese are living in Malaysia, also they love to use Chinese products. It is free or cheap. For most of online music products like Pandora are not free. Because many guys are asking us about how to use KuWo in Malaysia, so that's why we are here. Actually, it is very easy. What you have to do is to get best mainland China VPN. Just get Chinese ip address to use KuWo in Malaysia.
Kuwo Logo

Basic Chinese Characters

We introduce some basic Chinese characters for those people who don't know Chinese. Hope this can help you out.
下载 - Download
登录 - Login
注册 - Register
歌手 - Singers
榜单 - Popular Songs' List
添加 - Add(add song to listen song list)
密码 - Password
邮箱 - Email
用户名 - Username

If you want to consult Chinese characters, welcome to leave comment.

Get Best China VPN In Malaysia To Unlock KuWO

After learn some basic Chinese characters, it is time to get China VPN in Malaysia to unlock KuWo. You can search in Google and find many VPN providers with China VPN. But which one you should pick. It is the best China VPN provider: FlyVPN. We will show you why it is the best. 
  • More than 70 China VPN servers, covering ShangHai, GuangDong, BeiJing, TianJin, AnHui...
  • Test for free everyday
  • Fast speed
  • Nice money back guarantee

How To Get Free China VPN

Just ahead to create one account of FlyVPN. Then you can test its service everyday for free. If you are using Android users, you can get 14 days free China VPN. If you can input my invitation code 27002031 to get extra 5 days. Regarding more events on FlyVPN, you can focus on its Facebook page.
china vpn picture
Mainland China VPN

In one word get China VPN is the solution to unlock KuWo. Let us use KuWo in Malaysia swimmingly on iPhone, Android phone, Android tablets, PC, Mac from now on.