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November 29, 2016

Will Mark Zuckerberg Make Facebook Available In China?

Is Facebook banned in China? It is the truth for many years. People who are living in China can't access Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows has made no secret of his desire to get Facebook unblocked in China. He's learned Chinese, visit China for several times and met with its Internet leaders and president Xi Jinping. His ambitious is very obvious that he want to make Facebook available in China. 
Mark Zuckerberg China

Why Facebook won't Give Up China Market?

Mark Zuckerberg made an effort to get into China market in 2008. Facebook launched Chinese version to attract Chinese. But it only attracted 285,000 mainland members. The next year, Facebook got banned by Chinese government. Then there were no chance to catch its local competitor Tencent's QQ. 

In 2008, Tencent's QQ is its biggest competitor. Now, there are many competitors like WeChat, Weibo. Tough the keen competition is existing, worthwhile, it means giant market. So it is the point why Facebook won't give up China market. According to the NYT report, Facebook has quietly developed censor tool to filter sensitive post. 

How to Unblock Facebook In China

We do hope Facebook will be unblocked in China in the near future. Whether it will be popular in China for censoring sensitive news. Here, we would like to discuss how to unblock Facebook in China. What tools are using to access Facebook from China? 

The most often used tool is VPN. This is a gray section. Chinese government hasn't announce VPN is legal or illegal.  It is blocking VPN by Great FireWall. You can find some posts on the internet about their VPNs are unavailable in China. So please pick one VPN does work in China. Many people who are in China are using FlyVPN. When you are in China, you can use it to unblock Facebook.


Maybe it is not a long distance Facebook will be available in China. Will Facebook get into the same situation as Google. So just tuned!

December 2, 2015

How To Watch Legend Of MiYue Online From Abroad

After the hit period c-drama (and my personal favorite) The Legend of Zhen Huan, everyone was left wondering whether any other period c-drama could reach the heights that Legend hen Huan (LZH) did.  Now the same team that brought us LZH is back with another period c-drama, Legend of Mi Yue (Mi Yue Zhuan). Sunli is the actress, I love the actor. I have watched 4 episodes of Legend Of MiYue. It is awesome. As we all know that many TV shows are having copyright problem that only some regions people can watch some videos. It is the same in China. If you are living in China, you can watch Legend of MiYue on Dragon TV or Beijing TV at 7:30pm everyday, but you must subscribed to cable television. If not, you can also watch it online on LeTV or Tencent video, but you have to wait almost 5 hours, when the video is available to watch after 12:00am. So for people who are living outside of China, they can choose to watch Legend of MiYue on LeTV or Tencent Video. But you must have Chinese IP address to bypass IP filtering. Actually, the simplest way is connect to China VPN. It is the fastest and simplest way to get Chinese IP address from abroad in seconds. We will show you how to get China VPN and how to watch Legend of MiYue later. Now, let us know more details about Legend of MiYue.
Original title: Legend Of MiYue (芈月传)
Broadcast Network: Dragon TV (东方卫视), Beijing TV (北京卫视)
Online TV Providers: LeTV (乐视TV), Tencent Video (腾讯视频)

Legend Of MiYue

Where can we watch Legend Of MiYue Online From Abroad

There are only two ways to watch Legend of MiYue online from abroad. Watch it on Tencent video or LeTV. Because you are owning foreign IP address that you will get error message like 'Sorry, the video is unable to watch in your region'. If you would like to watch Legend of MiYue on mobile devices, you can also download LeTV or Tencent video app. Anyway, the point is to get connected on China VPN servers on your devices. Then we will recommend best China VPN for you later.
Watch Legend Of MiYue Online On Tencent Video
Watch Legend Of MiYue Online On LeTV
Unable to watch legend of MiYue From Abroad
Unable to watch legend of MiYue From Abroad

Get Connected Best China VPN To Watch Legend Of MiYue Online From Abroad

We have noted that get Chinese IP address via China VPN is the best way. So what we need to do is to pick best China VPN. There are many VPN service providers offering China VPN servers, but most of are Hong Kong IP address. Please take note what you need is mainland China IP address. So you must get connect to mainland China VPN server.  The network in China is not very well, so the speed won't very fast. We would like to suggest you to test China VPN servers first. FlyVPN is offering trial China VPN servers, you can create an account to login client, then ahead to test speed first. If you have android devices, you can download FlyVPN android app, sign up to win 14 days VPN membership for free. Then you can use the account on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac...
Login your account on client, then tap China tab, you can see China VPN servers under it.
Login your account to test China VPN Server of FlyVPN
Login your account to test China VPN Server of FlyVPN
Hit one China VPN server to check speed, tap Connect button to get connected.
Get connected Trial China VPN Server
Get connected Trial China VPN Server
Once connected, you can watch Legend Of MiYue Online from abroad now.
Watch Legend Of MiYue With FlyVPN
Watch Legend Of MiYue With FlyVPN
If the performance is well, you can buy China VPN. Because the trial version has some limitations, if you want to keep connected on China VPN, you have to buy its premium service. BTW there are more than 40 China VPN servers in FlyVPN shared IP plan.

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