October 16, 2015

How To Get Japanese IP Address

Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. Japan is known for its scientific developments and most of the Japan based companies have spread their operations all over the World. So more and more people want to know more about Japan. The main ways to get information is via internet. But as we all know that many Japanese websites are don't allow foreign IP to access. Japan based websites would track their visitors based on the IP address. For people who are in Japan, they can easily get Japanese IP address, but for guys in abroad, how do they get Japanese IP address? Generally, the reliable way is to use VPN service. It means that you can connect to Japan VPN or proxy. But we don't recommend users to use proxy for weak encryption. So we will discuss how to get Japanese IP address with japan VPN server.
Get ip to Japan

What can you do with Japanese IP address?

As we have stated earlier, most of japan based website won't allow foreign IP address to access contents. So users get Japanese IP address can access those contents. Surely, many other features as following:
  • Change ip to japan to mask my real IP address
  • Encrypt your online activities, stopping hackers especially over weak/public Wi-Fi
  • Hide your identity and location(IP address) if you don't want to be tracked
  • Access some Japanese websites blocked foreign ip like Hulu
  • Unlock Japanese games and apps

Get Japanese IP Address with Japan VPN

You can use VPN to change ip to other countries in seconds. So you want to get Japanese IP address, you have to get connected on Japan VPN server not others VPN servers. Once connected, Japan VPN server will assign one Japanese IP to your computer. If you don't know what is VPN, search in Google and you will know it. But which one is the best Japan VPN for you. Because many factors are affecting VPN performance, we do recommend you to pick one VPN service with trial version and nice money back guarantee. Finally, we find the VPN service provider - FlyVPN with trial VPN accounts everyday and 30 day money back guarantee. So we will guide you to get Japanese IP address with FlyVPN on PC, android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X.

Get free trial Japanese IP address on PC, Mac OS X and android phone/tablet

  • VPN client/apps free download,install and run it.
  • Login with trial VPN account and password. There are two trial VPN accounts on its trial webpage. One is vpnu, another is vpnc. But there are mini difference on trial VPN servers. You can login different account to check.
  • Tap one server, then click Connect button to connect.
If you can't get the steps above more, you can read picture and text guidance as following:
How To Get Free Trial VPN Service On PC
How To Get Free Trial VPN Service On Android

Get free trial Japanese IP address on iPhone, iPad

Visit https://m.flyvpn.com to create an account to login, setup the VPN server you want to use. Once installed VPN description profile. Ahead to Settings - VPN to turn on VPN. If you don't want to configure VPN manually, you can get its iOS app, check guidance here.

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