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December 13, 2015

Get Free China VPN For Windows, iOS and Android

We found many guys are searching how to get free China VPN? So we would like to show people how to get China VPN for Windows, iOS and android. This three operating systems are the main OS currently. As we all know that most of VPNs are not free. Tough it is free, it is not safe for your privacy. So we will find some free China VPN of some paid VPN service providers. Because some paid VPN service providers offer some events or trial version. It is a good way to get free China VPN without any cost. Following economy development of China, more and more companies want to make business with Chinese enterprises and people. But Chinese government is taking serious internet censorship, that people who are living outside of China can't access special contents from abroad. So many companies and people are looking for China VPN service to get latest news or some Chinese government's websites. Whatever the reasons you want to get China VPN, this article about get free China VPN for Windows, iOS and android will be helpful.

Connect to China VPN server to get network in China

Which one is the Best Free China VPN

There are many China VPN service providers on the internet. But most of them don't offer China VPN servers in trial version, just offer some trial VPN servers in United States, United Kingdom... We searched in Google and tested some China VPN servers. Only FlyVPN is offering best free China VPN. Anyone can create an account to test 4 trial China VPN servers for free. It is Shanghai BGP 02, Shanghai Telecom 03, Shanghai Telecom 07 and Zhejiang 04 server. Everyone can test the China servers everyday. But only 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day. If you don't want to get disconnected and have android devices, you can get in total 19 days free China VPN membership of FlyVPN. Download FlyVPN android app, login to get 14 days free China VPN membership, then input my invitation code 270 020 31 to get another 5 days membership free. 

Get Connected to Best Free China VPN On Windows, iOS and Android

We have noted FlyVPN is best free China VPN provider. So we will guide you to setup it for Windows, iOS, and android. FlyVPN is offering clients/apps for Windows. iOS and android. So what you need to do is just to download its clients/apps, then login your account to get free China VPN. Just follow the VPN tutorials below, then find the way to get free China VPN. All things are very simple, right. 

October 4, 2015

How To Setup VPN In Windows 10

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system released by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Its release to volume licensing on 1 August 2015. To encourage its adoption, Microsoft announced that during its first year of availability, Windows 10 would be made available free of charge to users of genuine copies of eligible editions of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. But many WIndows 8.1 and Windows 7 users meet the Wi-Fi issue after upgraded Windows 10.  So some users don't want t Windows 10. If you have upgraded to be Windows 1o, get the solution from internet, many genius showed their solutions. Let us get back the point. Today we want to talking something about VPN service in Windows 10. For privacy, security, unlock restricted Geo limitation and other reasons, many users are using VPN services in different devices. For example, we are using VPN service to secure online ID in case of some one steal our interent ID. So we think this is a good topic that more and more Windows users will discuss about how to setup VPN in Windows 10. Generally, two ways. One is setup VPN in Windows 10 manually, another is configure VPN in Windows 10 by downloading VPN software. We will show you later about VPN guidnace for Windows 10.

Setup VPN in Windows 10 Via VPN Software

The most convenient way is to setup VPN in Windows 10 via VPN software. Just download and install it, then connect to one VPN servers. The VPN connection will be created automatically. Also not all Windows users are good at settings in Windows. So most of users would choose to the simple way. Firstly, we should pick up one VPN provider, its software is compatible to Windows 10. Secondly, follow its tutorial to use it in Windows 10. BTW we have tested many VPN softwared, finally, we find FlyVPN is best one for it is providing trial version and 30 days money back guarantee. So we can test it without any cost. Why not give it a try. We should download the VPN software compatible with Windows 10. For more details, please read tutorial to get connected on trial VPN in Windows 10.

Setup VPN in Windows 10 Manually

Some people don't want o download too much software in computer, so they prefer to setup VPN in Windows 10 manually. You can setting up any countries' VPN servers in your computer via this way. Such as USA, UK, Korea, Japan, Singapore...etc. Before setup VPN in Windows 10 manually, we should prepare something as following.
  • Your PC administrator account
  • VPN username, password and VPN server address
Let us get started to create a VPN connection in Windows 10 manually now.
 Step 1. Logon your Windows 10 PC with a adminstrator account.
 Step 2. Find & Click Settings in your Windows 10 PC.
Find & Click Settings in your Windows 10 PC
Step 3.  On the open Settings window, click the Network & Internet icon.
click the Network & Internet icon
Step 4. Tap VPN and '+' to Add a VPN Connection.
Tap VPN and Add a VPN Connection
Step 5. On the add a VPN connection winodw, input the VPN values provided by your VPN provider and click Save.
input the VPN values provided by your VPN provider and click Save

Step 6. Once created VPN connetion successfully, you can ahead to Settings - Network & - Internet - VPN and check the VPN connection just created.
Tap Connect button to connect to the VPN.
Tap Properries button to change some values of the VPN connection.
Tap Forget button to remove the connection.  
ahead to Settings - Network & Internet - VPN and check the VPN connection just created
Step 7. You can find the VPN connection easily via clicking the Network icon from system tray at the bottom-right corner of the window.
Find the VPN connection in Windows 10


Whatever you are looking for ways to setup PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec VPN in Windows, this tutorial is very helpful for you. If you have any questions about VPN settings in Windows 1o, don't hesitate to comment here.

September 20, 2015

How To Get Free Trial VPN Service On PC

VPNs(Virtual Private Network) allow users to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. Much like a firewall protects your data on your computer. More and more interent users trend to use VPN to protect online ID. Because most of VPNs are not free. Absolutely, you can find some free VPN providers. But don't trust those free VPN service providers. You can never know what they are doing with your data and browsing history.Hola VPN is free VPN service provider. But You can never know what they are doing with your data and browsing history. Millions of users were using it for free. But Hola VPN still riddled with security holes. So if you can't afford VPN service, you can choose to use free trial VPN service provided by paid VPN provider. Because it is trial version, some limits applied on it. Also please do remember that no free bread around the world. Anyway, let us show you the VPN provider offers best free trial VPN service on PC.
Get FlyVPN Free Trial VPN Service On PC

Best Trial VPN Service Provider: FlyVPN

We searched in Google. Finally, we think FlyVPN is the best trial VPN service provider. Because it is providing two free trial VPN accounts everyday. Uses can test it everyday for free. Worthwhile, we can get connected on almost all servers in trial accounts with PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. Its encryption protocols can protect your data well. The key point that we rate FlyVPN as the best trial VPN service is for multiple VPN servers in trial accounts. Let us check it out what countries' VPN servers with the trial VPN service:

Just ahead to create one FlyVPN account(no credit card) to get free trial VPN into the below countries.
Free trial VPN account:vpnu
USA(United States)
Free trial VPN account:vpnc
USA(United States)

Get Connected trial VPN On PC for Windows XP/Vista7/8/10

The free trial VPN software can compatible with Windows XP/Vista7/8/10. Actually, whatever trial or premiume users are using the same clients. There are two versions clients on One is lite version, another is pro version. Highly recommend pro version for more advanced feature.
Step 1: Download FlyVPN pro version, install and run it
Download Trial VPN Software

Step 2:Create one FlyVPN account, and login through client.

Step 3: Choose 'Send all traffic via VPN' , select VPN protocol, tick 'Enable IPSec for L2TP', click the server and Connect button.
Click VPN server in vpnu account to connect
Step 4: You will get connected on VPN. Once connected, you can check whether your local IP address has been changed or not here.
Connected on Korea VPN on PC with trial VPN service of FlyVPN
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August 9, 2015

[VPN Recommend] Best VPN For Business Trip Guys in China

Many people who are planning a business trip in China. They have to find way to unlock GFW, otherwise, they can't use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. It is a hell for those business trip guys. Recently, China government upgraded GFW again and again that many free/paid VPN services like StrongVPN, Hidemyass, Astrill...etc are unable to use. For those people who have to use Facebook for work, it is a nightmare. We should find a VPN service which works in China. I will share best VPN for business trip guys in China
Best VPN For Business Trip Guys in China

1. FlyVPN Client Recommended
It is a user friendly client. Just need several steps, you can unlock GFW.
Difficulty: Low
Risk of being locked: Medium
Safty: High
Stability: High

FlyVPN Official Website:
Free Trial VPN Account and Password of FlyVPN:

Download FlyVPN client, then you can choose to register then upgraded to premium account. If you want to take a try before investing money, you can login with trial VPN account and password. After logged in, click one server, then you can get connected on VPN. BTW, you can also use FlyVPN on mobile devices. The VPN setup is very easy too. You can read tutorial on its website.

2. Build PPTP VPN Server in Windows 7 by Yourself

Because China government is blocking VPN service, we can build PPTP VPN in your Windows 7 without installing any software. Firstly, you should prepare two computers, one is in China beside you, another is outside of China. It can be your friends or families computer with foreign network. 

>>Settings in computers with foreign IP

A. ahead to Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Sharing Center - Change Adapters settings. click the File menu that appears, and select New Incoming Connection.
select New Incoming Connection
B. Click Add someone, and set the username, full name and password. Please do remember the username and password. 
set the username, full name and password
Choose the VPN User You Just Created
C. Click Next and tick through the internet.
tick through the internet
D. Please confirm tick the incoming connections. Click the Allow access button and Windows will set up a VPN server. You can refer to the photo as follows
Allow access button and Windows will set up a VPN server
E. One connection named as incoming connections built. If you want to disable the connections, you can delete the incoming connections from your Network Connection window. 
One connection named as incoming connections built
F. Get your network public IP address. You can visit to check your public IP address.

>>Settings in your computer with Chinese IP

A. ahead to Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Sharing Center. Hit Setup a new connection or network.
Setup a new connection network
B. Tap connect to a workplace.
Tap connect to a workplace
C. Tap use my internet connection
Tap use my internet connection

D. Input the public IP address of foreign IP provided by your friend or family in internet address box. Type the destination name what you want.
Input the public IP address of foreign IP
E. Input the username and password configured in your friend computer with foreign IP. Click Create button. The the VPN connection will be connected. If you can't, please try to close firewall in the two computers.
VPN connection get connected