August 26, 2016

How To Create TTPOD Alibaba Planet Account

TTPOD(Alibaba Planet) is one entertainment platform merges online music, Live, fans and Scenes. You can use it to listen online music, contact with other fans, buy Concert ticket, new album event, upload songs...etc. Because it is one Chinese Apps, there is geo-restricted, many users who are living outside of China can't use it. You can find tutorials about how to solve TTPOD IP restricted on Android and iPhone, iPad. Then solved the problem, another problem happened. Some users are asking me how to create an account TTPOD. So we decide to guide our readers to register TTPOD.
TTPOD Alibaba Planet

How To Download Music On TTPOD 2016 On Android
Listen and Download Music On TTPOD On iPhone, iPad Outside China

You can choose to register on webpage or in TTPOD Apps. Here, we will show you register TTPOD on webpage. 
Step 1 Visit TTPOD official website to register

Step 2 Select the region. Currently, TTPOD is only support specific countries' phone number to register. Mainland China, Macau, Australia, Germany, Russia, Philippines, France, Korea,  Netherlands, Canada, United States, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy. If you can't register TTPOD account, you can add me in Skype zoi0607. If you want to buy album, I can help you too.
TTPOD Register Region

Step 3 Choose Region, then input phone number, click "发送验证码", check the message from TTPOD, input the verification code. Then done!
Create TTPOD Account

If you have Taobao, Weibo, QQ, WeChat account, you can login in with the social accounts in TTPOD Android and iOS devices. BTW if you can't download TTPOD from your Google Play store or Apple store. For Android device, you can download TTPOD Apk file from its official website; For iOS device, you have to create Chinese Apple ID to download the App.


Hope this article is helpful for you to register TTPOD. After create TTPOD account, then you can use TTPOD now. But you may not use it for IP restricted, you can use the best VPN into China on your devices to unlock TTPOD outside of mainland China.

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