August 2, 2016

Best VPN For Malaysian To Unlock Chinese Websites/Apps

As we all know that there are many Chinese are living in Malaysian for history factor or other reasons. They know Chinese language well. So they are interested in visit mainland China websites and use mainland China Apps.  Because the copyright and physical distance elements, internet users who are living outside of mainland China can't access contents or load websites or Apps slowly. Hence, we would like to introduce best VPN for Malaysian to unlock Chinese websites and Apps or speed up to surfing.

Top 10 Chinese Video Websites

Firstly, let us show you top 10 Chinese video websites. Users who are living in Malaysian want to watch dramas, entertainments... or learn Chinese can visit Chinese websites as following. Not all videos are limited by copyright. Only some contents require to surf with Chinese IP address. If you can't even watch videos on these websites for buffering again and again, maybe you can take a shoot try to connect to mainland China VPN on your device. Anyway, let us know the top 10 Chinese video websites.
1. YouKu
2. iQiYi (Unlock iQiYi)
3. Tencent Video (Unblock Tecent Video)
4. LeTV
5. TuDou
6. Sohu
7. KanKan
9. BaiDu Video
10. Mango TV (Unlock Mango TV)

Top 10 Chinese Music Websites

1. BaiDu Music
2. QQ Music
3. Xiami Music
4. YinYueTai
5. KuGou (Unlock KuGou)
6. KuWo
7. Netease Music
8. DouBan FM
9. Duomi Music
10. MiGu Music

Pick the Best China VPN For Malaysian To Unlock Chinese Websites/Apps

There are many China VPN server providers. But most of them just have 1 or 2 China VPN servers. Finally, we find FlyVPN as our choice. Because it is offering more than 40 mainland China VPN servers in its premium service. Worthwhile, users can create one account to use China VPN trial server. It is free. 


Whatever you are looking for best VPN for Malaysian or best China VPN to unlock Chinese websites/apps, this article is very helpful. Just connect to China VPN servers on devices, users in Malaysia can unlock Chinese websites and Apps easily.

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