August 16, 2016

How To Register KuGou Music Account

KuGou Music is one Chinese online music provider. In the platform, users can listen and download some musics for free. Also there are other music platforms in China like QQ Music, TTPOD, KuWo. Previously, we wrote one post about how to download and listen music on KuGou outside of China. Then we find there are many search terms about KuGou registration guide. So we would like to write tutorial for our readers about how to register KuGou Music account if you don't know how to process. So just follow the instructions in paragraphs as below.
Users can choose to register with Email, Username, or Phone number. We'd prefer users to register with Email. It is easily to recover account if you forgot password. Also 99.99% users who are living outside of Mainland China don't have China phone number. So we will show you register KuGou Music account with Email.

Read briefly instructions as follow.

  • Email
  • Input some required info
  • Ahead to Email, then click the link the verification Email
Step #1 Visit, input Email, password and CAPTCHA. 
Input Required Info to register KuGou Music Account

Step #2 After input required info, you will see the photo as below.
Sent Verify Email

Step #3 Login Email to click the link
Click the verify Email to activate KuGou Music Account
Step #4 Register KuGou Music Account successfully
KuGou Music Account Register Successfully
After register KuGou Music account successfully on web, you can use the account in KuGou App too. Because you are living outside of China, so you can't use the service for copyright limitations, you can get connected to best China VPN to unblock KuGou from everywhere. Let us get started to listen and download Chinese music from now on!

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