October 30, 2015

Watch Living Streaming On ATV Outside Of Hong Kong

Asia Television Limited (Chinese: 亞洲電視有限公司, also known as ATV) is one of two free-to-air television broadcasters in Hong Kong.  ATV is the first Chinese-language television station in the world, and the first television station in Hong Kong. There are so many films, Cantonese dramas, entertainments on ATV. For copyright, people who are living outside of Hong Kong and want to watch films.... on ATV website, they will get the error message like "Sorry, this video only can be streamed within Hong Kong". So if we want to watch living streaming online on ATV website outside of Hong Kong, what we have to do is get HK IP address to bypass the IP filtering. So we can connect to HK VPN to get through the IP limitation. 
Unable to Watch Videos On ATV Outside of Hong Kong

Get HK VPN To Watch Living Streaming On ATV Outside Hong Kong

VPN is a tool which can mask your real IP. So if you connect to HK VPN, your computer will get HK IP address once get connected on HK VPN server. Anyway, the point is to get best and fast HK VPN, you can search in Google, you will get tons of result. Because many factors are affecting VPN performance, we suggest you to test before investing money into VPN service. We know FlyVPN is the best trial VPN service provider. It is offering many VPN servers in its trial VPN accounts. So let us show you how to get connected the trial HK VPN on PC, we will list guidance about get trial HK VPN on android, iOS and OS X later. 
Please check briefly guidance as following to get HK VPN for free on PC:
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In one word, we can use HK VPN to watch living streaming on ATV. It is the best and fast way to unlock ATV from abroad on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows. 

October 28, 2015

How To Break Great Firewall On Android

Great Firewall is developed by Chinese government to censor the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and so on.  For tourists or expatriates in China, having no access to Facebook or Twitter can be annoying, since they have to use social network to keep in touch with friends and families. But how can we bypass GFW in China on android, most of users in China are using virtual private network. So what is VPN? Please check its definition here. We can simply connect to a server outside of China and once get connected on the VPN server, then you can access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google...etc in China. GFW is upgrading again and again that many VPN services are not stable in China. So we do recommend people who are planning to go for China to prepare several VPNs in devices. Today, we will show you how to break Great Firewall on android.   
How To Break Great Firewall On Android

Break GFW On Android With VPN Service

When you are in China, you can connect to one VPN server outside of China. Then your computer will be get a foreign IP address that you can access those blocked websites in China. So for break GFW on android, setting up VPN service on android is the solution. Android has a built-in VPN client, users can setup VPN on android by advance to Settings - Wireless & Network - VPN. If you don't want to input so many VPN service information,  generally, you can get connected via VPN app for android. 

Pick a VPN and Set up VPN on Android To Break GFW

Because network in China is very weird. Generally, VPN does work for the two mainly ISP, it is China Telecom and China Mobile. Also some people are using Great Wall network, sometimes it will block some output port and protocols to save traffic and bandwidth that VPN can't work well on it. So how can we pick a VPN which can work in China very well. We asked many users who often use VPN in China to unlock Great Firewall. They complain to us that many VPNs crack down for GFW upgrade. They often have to prepare several VPNs in devices. We also tested many VPNs when our staffs travel to Shanghai, he find only one VPN worked well on its android phone. It is FlyVPN. If you are looking for stable VPN service for users in China, you can test it without cost. Then we will show you how to setup the VPN on android to break GFW from now on.

Set up VPN on Android To Break GFW now

There are two ways to set up VPN on android, one is setting up VPN with android devices' built-in VPN client, another is setting up VPN with VPN app for android. We have noted that FlyVPN is the most stable VPN service to break Great firewall, so we will guide you to setup it on android. If you have paid for it, just login your account to use its service, also you can read VPN tutorial for android here. Then we will list guidance for those people want to test FlyVPN for android and check whether it will work to break GFW on android.

October 25, 2015

How To Get Free Trial VPN On Mac OS X

Mac OS X has built-in support for connecting to most common types of VPNs. You can setup VPN for Mac OS X manually by inputing VPN server address, VPN username and VPN password, or download Mac VPN client to get connected on VPN. Generally, it will be easier to setup VPN on Mac with Mac VPN client than manually configuration. Some people would like to setup VPN on Mac OS X with client, some people don't want to download too many clients on Mac that they trend to setup VPN on Mac OS X manually. Anyway, we will guide you to setup VPN on Mac OS X manually and automatically. Because many guys are looking for free trial VPN service in Google. Large numbers of people would like to test it first before investing money. So we would like to introude the best free trial VPN we think to you here. It is FlyVPN. Because it is offering many trial VPN servers in United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea...etc. So whatever trial VPN servers you are looking for, it is your solution. We also tested other VPN service, but there are just providing 1 server in several countries. So we finally choose FlyVPN as the best trial VPN on Mac OS X. We will show you how to setup the best trial VPN on Mac OS X later. Actually, the process is similar whether you’re using Windows, Android, iOS.

Check Trial VPN Servers You Can Use With FlyVPN Test Account

Free trial VPN account: vpnu
USA(United States)
Free trial VPN account: vpnc
USA(United States)
If you want to know those trial VPN servers' address, please click here. BTW one user can only use the trial VPN service 3 times per day, 20 minutes per time.

Setup free trial VPN on Mac OS X Manually

We have stated FlyVPN is the best trial VPN we pick. So we will guide you to setup trial VPN by FlyVPN. Firstly, let us introduce some info about its trial VPN version. There are two trial VPN accounts on its free trial webpage. It is vpnu and vpnc. So you can login with the trial VPN account and password to use its trial VPN for free. Ahead to setup PPTP, L2TP/IPSec VPN on Mac OS X now.
Step #1 Tap System Preference - Network - + - VPN... Users can refer to the tutorial we list later about configure PPTP and L2TP IPSec VPN on Mac OS X.
Step #2 Input some required info, such as server address, vpn account and vpn password. What you have to note is to input trial VPN account, password and server address. We have listed the solution to get those info above, please double check.
Setup free trial VPN on Mac OS X Manually

Setup free trial VPN On Mac OS X With VPN Client

The Mac VPN client is free download. You can download FlyVPN Mac Client from its official website or other third party websites. Anyway, let us show you how to use best free Mac VPN client to protect your personal privacy.
Step #1 Mac VPN Client free Download. Install and run it.  Please check your Mac OS X version first. The Mac VPN client can compatible well with V10.6.8 and alter.
Mac VPN Client free Download

Download FlyVPN Mac Client Successfully

Install and run FlyVPN Mac VPN Client
Step #2 Login VPN account and password. You can check the trial VPN account and password at https://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. BTW the trial VPN password is dynamic, so please get latest password from its website every time.
Login Trial VPN account and password

Step #3 Tap VPN region and click one server to test speed, then tap Connect button to connect. 
Tap VPN region and click one server to test speed
Step #4 You are now connected on VPN with the Mac VPN client. Also you want to switch VPN server, you have to wait 5 minutes to get connected again.
You are now connected on VPN with the Mac VPN client

October 21, 2015

How To Get Singapore IP Address

IP address is short for Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. Networks using the TCP/IP protocol route messages based on the IP address of the destination. So websites can track you online just from IP address of your computer. Such as your physical location, identify your internet   service provider and so on. So it is not a bad idea to change ip address. Get a virtual IP address is good way to protect your online privacy. Today, we want to discuss something about Singapore IP address. Get a Singapore IP address, your real IP address will be hide that no one can track you. Actually, get SG IP address is not hard, we can get connected on Singapore VPN service on device, then your computer will get one virtual Singapore IP. That's all. Before know how to get Singapore IP address, we will discuss later about what can you do with Singapore IP address.
Get Singapore IP Address

What can you do with Singapore IP Address

Take a look at what can you do with Singapore IP address as following:
  • Hide your real IP that no one can track you
  • Change IP to Singapore that you can access some blocked websites
  • Encrypt your online activities, stopping hackers especially over weak/public Wi-Fi
  • Reduce ping or unlock IP blocked to Play some Asia servers of online games like Kingdom Under Fire 2

Get Singapore IP Address With Singapore VPN

Users can get Singapore IP address in seconds by connecting to Singapore VPN. Once connected on one Singapore VPN server, it will assign one virtual Singapore IP address to your computer. Then any one or website can't track your real IP information, just the virtual IP information. Some one will search how to get best Singapore VPN. Because many factors are affecting VPN's performance. Such as physical distance, network condition, computer condition and so on. So we won't introduce one VPN provider here. But if you are looking for free or trial Singapore VPN, we can guide you how to get free/trial Singapore VPN.

Singapore VPN Free Trial Provider: FlyVPN

FlyVPN is one paid VPN service provider. It is also offering trial VPN account and password everyday for free. If you don't need to use VPN too often, it is your choice. Forr Singapore VPN trial server, it has been listed in its trial account "vpnu". Check out free trial VPN account and password. Whatever you want to get Singapore VPN free or trial on PC, iPhone, iPad, and android devices. FlyVPN is your choice. For Windows and Android users, please login FlyVPN's trial account and password, for iOS users, please login your FlyVPN account. Do note it. For more details, refer to tutorials as following:

October 18, 2015

How To Setting Up VPN On Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet

Xiaomi Inc. is a privately owned Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing, China, that is the world's 4th largest smartphone maker. Xiaomi designs, develops, and sells smartphones, mobile apps, and related consumer electronics. It is spreading its market in Asia like Singapore. Worthwhile, there are special webpages for different regions. Such as mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil. Just from the point, we can see Xiaomi is spreading its global market. It means that more and more people around the world will use Xiaomi products. Today, we are not planning talking too many about Xiaomi product. We just want to discuss how to setting up VPN on Xiaomi Box, Phone and Table. But which one VPN service is best for Xiaomi Box, phone and table. We will discuss it in other paragraphs as following. 
Xiaomi Logo

Why should we setting up VPN on Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet?

For Mibox, many people who are living outside of mainland China are trying to find way to access those contents are only available in mainland China like iCNTV. For Xiaomi phone/tablet, to secure your network connection while over public Wi-Fi and other reasons. Check some mainly reasons we should setting up on Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet:
  • To secure network connections
  • To access contents are only available in mainland China
  • Change IP address to unlock contents limited in special region. Such as CNTV, YouKu, Tudou, LeTV, BBC, Hulu and so on.

Start to setting up VPN on Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet

Xiaomi box, phone and tablet are based on android. So all things are clear. What we should introduce is to writhe guidance on how to setup VPN on android. But whatever you are using Mibox 2/3/mini, you can't entry to enter VPN settings. Because Xiaomi hide the feature. So what we can do is to download android VPN apk file then setup it in Mibox. For Xiaomi phone and table, the configure steps are the same as other kinds of android phones and tablets.

Setting up VPN on Xiaomi Box

Find your way to install android VPN apk fine in Mibox. Download VPN apk file in U disk, then plug into Mibox, install and run it, or visit VPN website or Google Play store to download VPN apk file. We think you will find the solution to get the VPN apk file. 

Setting up VPN on Xiaomi Phone/Tablet

Please confirm you have a working internet connection and VPN account. Ahead to "Settings" - "More" - "VPN" - Turn on "VPN" - Tap "+" button. Then input some VPN info provided by your VPN service provider.

Setting up FlyVPN on Xiaomi Box/Phone/Tablet

Because FlyVPN is offering many mainland China VPN servers, connect to those VPN servers, users can unlock iCNTV in Mibox and other contents. If you want to unlock other apps in your devices, FlyVPN also is very helpful. Its VPN server locations are covering 35+ countries. It is not only offering nice money back guarantee (30 days), but also providing free trial VPN account and password everyday. So we think it is the best VPN for Xiaomi box/phone/table. So let us guide you how to setting up FlyVPN on Xiaomi box, phone and table now. 

October 16, 2015

How To Get Japanese IP Address

Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. Japan is known for its scientific developments and most of the Japan based companies have spread their operations all over the World. So more and more people want to know more about Japan. The main ways to get information is via internet. But as we all know that many Japanese websites are don't allow foreign IP to access. Japan based websites would track their visitors based on the IP address. For people who are in Japan, they can easily get Japanese IP address, but for guys in abroad, how do they get Japanese IP address? Generally, the reliable way is to use VPN service. It means that you can connect to Japan VPN or proxy. But we don't recommend users to use proxy for weak encryption. So we will discuss how to get Japanese IP address with japan VPN server.
Get ip to Japan

What can you do with Japanese IP address?

As we have stated earlier, most of japan based website won't allow foreign IP address to access contents. So users get Japanese IP address can access those contents. Surely, many other features as following:
  • Change ip to japan to mask my real IP address
  • Encrypt your online activities, stopping hackers especially over weak/public Wi-Fi
  • Hide your identity and location(IP address) if you don't want to be tracked
  • Access some Japanese websites blocked foreign ip like Hulu
  • Unlock Japanese games and apps

Get Japanese IP Address with Japan VPN

You can use VPN to change ip to other countries in seconds. So you want to get Japanese IP address, you have to get connected on Japan VPN server not others VPN servers. Once connected, Japan VPN server will assign one Japanese IP to your computer. If you don't know what is VPN, search in Google and you will know it. But which one is the best Japan VPN for you. Because many factors are affecting VPN performance, we do recommend you to pick one VPN service with trial version and nice money back guarantee. Finally, we find the VPN service provider - FlyVPN with trial VPN accounts everyday and 30 day money back guarantee. So we will guide you to get Japanese IP address with FlyVPN on PC, android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X.

Get free trial Japanese IP address on PC, Mac OS X and android phone/tablet

  • VPN client/apps free download,install and run it.
  • Login with trial VPN account and password. There are two trial VPN accounts on its trial webpage. One is vpnu, another is vpnc. But there are mini difference on trial VPN servers. You can login different account to check.
  • Tap one server, then click Connect button to connect.
If you can't get the steps above more, you can read picture and text guidance as following:
How To Get Free Trial VPN Service On PC
How To Get Free Trial VPN Service On Android

Get free trial Japanese IP address on iPhone, iPad

Visit https://m.flyvpn.com to create an account to login, setup the VPN server you want to use. Once installed VPN description profile. Ahead to Settings - VPN to turn on VPN. If you don't want to configure VPN manually, you can get its iOS app, check guidance here.

October 14, 2015

Best iOS(iPhone, iPad) VPN App for LINE

The latest iOS version is iOS 9. If you are one of fans of Apple product, we think you have used iOS 6/7/8, right! Whatever you are using iOS 6/7/8/9, don't forget to connect to VPN to secure your network connection in public place. What we want to discuss is which iOS VPN is best for LINE stickers/themes. We don't know whether you have heard about it or not, if not, check LINE definition. Millions of LINE users are love to chat with cute LINE stickers and apply cute LINE themes. But LINE often launch different LINE stickers and themes in different countries' sticker/theme shop. So other countries' LINE users would like to find way to download or buy LINE stickers and themes from other countries' sticker/theme shop. The solution is to bind other countries' phone number or get connected to VPN service on devices. Because 99% guys can't get other countries' phone number, so most of LINE users opt to use VPN to change IP address to access other countries' sticker/theme shop. Before we introduce which iOS VPN app is the best for LINE stickers, we think most of guys are interesting in how to download LINE stickers/themes from other countries' sticker or theme shop.
Best iOS(iPhone, iPad) VPN App for LINE: FlyVPN

Best iOS VPN App for LINE

Most of LINE users are using VPN service to enter other countries' stickers shop to download free LINE stickers or themes, or purchase paid LINE stickers or themes. As we all know that, most of VPNs are paid not free. Though you can find some free VPN service on the internet, but we don't suggest you to use those kinds of VPNs. They can steal your private information (like credit card details) when you use them. So whatever you can afford VPN cost or not. We think FlyVPN iOS VPN app is best for you. Because it is offering trial version and paid version. You can ahead to use its trial version everyday but 30 minutes per time, 3 times per day for single IP. 

Get Connected to Best iOS VPN App on iPhone, iPad 

We have noted the best iOS VPN for LINE is FlyVPN, so we will guide you how to use its trial & paid version.
Step 1. Get FlyVPN iOS VPN App from iTunes store. 

Step 2. Tap FlyVPN icon on desktop of iPhone, iPad.

Step 3. Login with your account. If you don't have an account, create an account in its app. If you want to use free trial iOS VPN app, please create an account to login.

Step 4. After logged in, you can see the VPN server list. For trial users, they can only see trial VPN servers. For paid users, they can see all VPN servers they can use.  If you order its shared IP plan, you can use all VPN server locations listed here.

Step 5. For paid users, they can tap "Batch Mode" to tick multiple VPN servers to setup one time. For trial users, they can only setup one server one time. 

Then follow the guidance in the app to install VPN servers in your iPhone, iPad devices. Once done, you can see L2TP and PPTP connections for one server. Switch between PPTP and L2TP if one doesn't work for you.