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November 15, 2015

How To Get Through Great Fireawall On Mac OS X

We have wrote articles about how to break Great Firewall on android and iOS. Today what we want to discuss is how to break Great Firewall on Mac OS X.  Actually, the solution is the same. We can use Mac VPN Service to get through Great firewall in China. Firstly, you should know what is Great Firewall? You can find its definition on Wikipedia. GFW is its abbreviation. We will name it as GFW in paragraphs below. Many people will get the problem after arriving in China. They find many websites are unable to access like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google...etc. Those websites are theirs tool to keep contact with friends and families. Generally, we do suggest foreign users to configure/setup VPN in your devices before coming to China. As we know that many VPN services websites are not available to visit from China. So please choose one reliable VPN service 100% work in China. We would like to recommend a VPN service work well in China on Mac OS X today.
Use VPN On Mac

How To Setup VPN on Mac OS X

You should learn how to setup VPN on Mac OS X first. You can choose to setup VPN on Mac with its built-in VPNs mode, or use VPN service providers' Mac VPN client

Setup VPN On Mac OS X Manually (PPTP, L2TP)

Step 1: Tap System Preference > Network > + > VPN > VPN Type (PPTP, L2TP) >Service Name
Setup VPN On Mac OS X Manually_1

Step 2: Enter server address, VPN account, Password, IPSec shared key, and other required sign-in information.
Setup VPN On Mac OS X Manually_2

Setup VPN On Mac OS X With Mac VPN Client

Most of VPNs are providing Mac VPN client. So what you need to do is just download VPN service Mac VPN software, then install and run it. 

Reliable VPN Service 100% Work in China On Mac: FlyVPN

We tested many VPN service, finally, FlyVPN is the best Mac VPN service in China. Because many factors are affecting VPN's performance. Maybe some guys don't believe in us. Why not test its service in China or outside China without cost. BTW FlyVPN is offering free trial VPN service everyday, so why not test their service on Mac without cost. Previously, we have wrote tutorials on setup free trial VPN on Mac manually and FlyVPN Mac VPN client, so just ahead to check the tutorial. Also FlyVPN is promoting its android VPN app, you can get FlyVPN 14 days membership for free on android. Then you can use the account on Mac, iPhone, iPad, android devices....

Get FlyVPN 14 Days Memership For Free

October 25, 2015

How To Get Free Trial VPN On Mac OS X

Mac OS X has built-in support for connecting to most common types of VPNs. You can setup VPN for Mac OS X manually by inputing VPN server address, VPN username and VPN password, or download Mac VPN client to get connected on VPN. Generally, it will be easier to setup VPN on Mac with Mac VPN client than manually configuration. Some people would like to setup VPN on Mac OS X with client, some people don't want to download too many clients on Mac that they trend to setup VPN on Mac OS X manually. Anyway, we will guide you to setup VPN on Mac OS X manually and automatically. Because many guys are looking for free trial VPN service in Google. Large numbers of people would like to test it first before investing money. So we would like to introude the best free trial VPN we think to you here. It is FlyVPN. Because it is offering many trial VPN servers in United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea...etc. So whatever trial VPN servers you are looking for, it is your solution. We also tested other VPN service, but there are just providing 1 server in several countries. So we finally choose FlyVPN as the best trial VPN on Mac OS X. We will show you how to setup the best trial VPN on Mac OS X later. Actually, the process is similar whether you’re using Windows, Android, iOS.

Check Trial VPN Servers You Can Use With FlyVPN Test Account

Free trial VPN account: vpnu
USA(United States)
Free trial VPN account: vpnc
USA(United States)
If you want to know those trial VPN servers' address, please click here. BTW one user can only use the trial VPN service 3 times per day, 20 minutes per time.

Setup free trial VPN on Mac OS X Manually

We have stated FlyVPN is the best trial VPN we pick. So we will guide you to setup trial VPN by FlyVPN. Firstly, let us introduce some info about its trial VPN version. There are two trial VPN accounts on its free trial webpage. It is vpnu and vpnc. So you can login with the trial VPN account and password to use its trial VPN for free. Ahead to setup PPTP, L2TP/IPSec VPN on Mac OS X now.
Step #1 Tap System Preference - Network - + - VPN... Users can refer to the tutorial we list later about configure PPTP and L2TP IPSec VPN on Mac OS X.
Step #2 Input some required info, such as server address, vpn account and vpn password. What you have to note is to input trial VPN account, password and server address. We have listed the solution to get those info above, please double check.
Setup free trial VPN on Mac OS X Manually

Setup free trial VPN On Mac OS X With VPN Client

The Mac VPN client is free download. You can download FlyVPN Mac Client from its official website or other third party websites. Anyway, let us show you how to use best free Mac VPN client to protect your personal privacy.
Step #1 Mac VPN Client free Download. Install and run it.  Please check your Mac OS X version first. The Mac VPN client can compatible well with V10.6.8 and alter.
Mac VPN Client free Download

Download FlyVPN Mac Client Successfully

Install and run FlyVPN Mac VPN Client
Step #2 Login VPN account and password. You can check the trial VPN account and password at BTW the trial VPN password is dynamic, so please get latest password from its website every time.
Login Trial VPN account and password

Step #3 Tap VPN region and click one server to test speed, then tap Connect button to connect. 
Tap VPN region and click one server to test speed
Step #4 You are now connected on VPN with the Mac VPN client. Also you want to switch VPN server, you have to wait 5 minutes to get connected again.
You are now connected on VPN with the Mac VPN client