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September 10, 2016

Listen and Download Music on NetEase Cloud Music From Everywhere

NetEase Cloud Music is online music provider in China. Users can listen music online or download music to local file. Because copyright limitation, only users who are living in mainland China can enjoy NetEase music freely. You maybe get error like "the song is not available in your region" or the listen or download button is grayed out that you can't click. Hence, when you are living outside of China, you can connect to mainland China VPN to unblock NetEase Cloud Music from everywhere. You can listen and download different kinds of music on NetEase Cloud Music. 


Unlock NetEase Cloud Music From Everywhere with Mainland China VPN

Whatever you are using Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X etc, you can download  the App from here. Also you can download NetEase music apk from its download webpage. If you can't find NetEase music from your Apple store, create one Chinese Apple ID to download the App. Everything is done. Then you should find one VPN service provider with China VPN servers. FlyVPN is the best mainland China VPN server provider. Just make a subscription to FlyVPN to listen and download music on NetEase music from everywhere. If you would like to give it a try, read articles as following:

Following the briefly guidance to unlock NetEase Cloud Music
  • Download and install the App or client
  • Get connected to mainland China VPN server to get Chinese IP address. Make a subscription to FlyVPN is a wise choice
  • Listen and download music with NetEase cloud music from abroad

Listen or Download many popular Music now on NetEase Cloud Music

NetEase Music is offering many music. You can listen and download many popular songs. Whatever you want to listen and download music/songs from Euramerican, Japan, Korea, China, and other Singers. So let us check popular singers as following.

Top 10 Popular Euramerican Male Singers on NetEase Cloud Music

Bruno Mars

Justin Bieber

Alan Walker



Ed Sheeran

Charlie Puth

Wiz Khalifa


Justin Timberlake

Top 10 Popular Euramerican Female Singers on NetEase Cloud Music



Ellie Goulding

Carly Rae Jepsen

Taylor Swift

Ariana Grande

Katy Perry

Avril Lavigne

Lana Del Rey

Meghan Trainor