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June 24, 2016

Best Korea VPN To Vote for Songs, Albums On MelOn

MelOn (Hangul: 멜론) is a South Korean online music store. Introduced in November 2004, MelOn was developed by SK Telecom. In 2009, LOEN Entertainment (owned by SKT by the time being, now owned by Kakao) became the company-in-charge of MelOn. Because most of songs, albums will be listed on MelOn. Also the number of listening songs/albums, downloading songs/albums will be calculated into rank in specific years of popular songs/albums. So millions of super fans want to support their idols. But because only users vote with Korean ip address will be calculated. If you voted with other countries' ip address. It is not helpful. So here, we will introduce best Korea VPN for fans who want to vote for Songs, Albums on MelOn. 

How To Create One MelOn Account

Visit MelOn official website to register with Email. Highly recommend users to use Google webpage Translate tool. Many fans are complaining that they can't get verification Email. We did test many Emails. Finally, we find that it seems that those Korean Emails and Gmail are very easy to get verification Email. Please check all Email boxes like Spam. So please keep in mind. Actually, though you get one MelOn account, you can't buy songs from MelOn. Only those MelOn accounts verified Korean phone number and i-Pin are available to buy songs. If you don't have Korean bank card, it is unable to buy songs. So you have find one agent like OBTGAME to buy MelOn account and purchase songs from MelOn account.

Get Connected On Best Korea VPN To Vote For Songs, Albums on MelOn

Regarding what is best Korea VPN. We think no one VPN is best VPN for all users. So we do suggest users to pick one paid VPN with trial VPN service. In effective FlyVPN is the best Korea VPN in our side. Because it is including 22 Korean VPN servers in its premium account. Here, we will guide you how to get connected on free trial Korea VPN on Android, iOS and PC. 
For mobile users, just create one FlyVPN account, they can get 14 days free Korea VPN for new users. For PC users, they can use the free trial VPN account and password listed on its website, or ahead to register to test everyday.


So whatever you want to get connected on South Korea VPN to vote for Songs, Albums on MelOn site, MelOn Android App, or MelOn iOS App, this article will be helpful. Actually, what you need to is to change ip into Korea to pretend you are living in Korea. Anyway, just ahead to vote for your idols now!