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September 10, 2015

Register, Download, Install and Play Dragon's DOGMA Online In Any Country

Capcom is reporting a success story for Dragon's Dogma Online, which launched on August 31 in Japan on PC, PS3, and PS4. Top up 100,000 concurrent players at one time. near 1 Million Downloads In Japan. Its success in Japan is a good sign. And millions of players around the world want to play Dragon's DOGMA Online. But there were 'no plans' to bring this game to the US or Europe. There is IP blocking in DDO. Then the question is How can we play DDO in any country. The solution is Japan VPN. VPN is a tool to change IP address. Once connected, it will assign a virtual IP address to you that other guys websites can't track your real location. We can use the way to bypass IP blocking in DDO.
Check Briefly guidance as follows to play Dragon's DOGMA Online From Abroad
  • Connected on Japan VPN
  • Login COG account
  • Start to play DDON

Pick Up Japan VPN For Dragon's DOGMA Online

Many players will ask which one VPN is the best Japan VPN to play Dragon's DOGMA Online from abroad. We did test many VPN service. But the performances in our side are not the same as in your side. So we recommend players to test the trial VPN Service without any cost. We tested it and the performance is very good. So we will show you how to test with the trial VPN version provides Japan VPN servers as following.
1. Download FlyVPN client from its official website.
2. Get trial VPN account and password. You can get it from There are two trial accounts. You can login with any one. Some one told us they can't see trial account and password. Please keep an eye on the right side of trial page and scroll down.
3. After logged in, you can see Japan VPN servers. Just connect it. You will get Japanese IP address to play DDON.

Login with FlyVPN trial account - vpnu
Connected on Japan VPN server with FlyVPN trial account

Capcom Registration Guide

It is free to register Capcom account. You can register using your email address by clicking here. Just input Email address and some required info. It is very easy to register an account for Capcom. Once done, you can use the account to play DDON, Monster Hunter Frontier and other games published by COG. Refer to the photos as below:
Fill out personal info to register Capcom
Register Capcom Online Games Account Successfully

How To Download, install and Play DDON

Download DDON Installer On PC

Click We have noted that DDON blocks foreign IP. Players who are living outside of Japan can't download client directly from There is an error message if you are not owning Japanese IP address. Once connected on Japan VPN, it is able to download the DDON installer.
Unable To Download Dragons Dogma online Client Without Japanese IP address
Step 1: Visit, then tap Windows button as photo to download DDON PC version. 
Download Windows Version Of Dragon Dogma Online Japan

Step 2: Tap ゲームプログラムをダウンロードする button to download DDON Installer. 
Tap ゲームプログラムをダウンロードする button to download DDON Installer

Step 3: If you are living outside Japan, you will get error message as photo below. Connect to Japan VPN, then you can download the installer swimmingly. 
Start to download DDON Installer

Install and Play Dragon's DOGMA Online

After download the installer, click it to install. Follow the steps to install client. Then it will create a shortcut on desktop named as Dragon's DOGMA Online. Login with COG ID and password. Then start to updating and enter DDON. Please do keep connected on Japan VPN. Otherwise, you can't updating DDON client successfully. Check the steps as follows:
Login COG ID.
Login with COG ID

Start to loading.
Start to loading DDO
Updating patches of Dragon's DOGMA Online 
Updating DDO Client
Once done, click the button to play DDO.
Tap the button to play DDO NOW