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December 9, 2015

How To Get Russian IP Address

Russia, also officially known as the Russian Federation, is a country in northern Eurasia. Russia is the largest country in the world. Today, we are not planning to talk about something about Russia country. We would like to discuss how to get Russian IP address. Generally, there are two ways. One is living in Russia, then the network IP of your devices are in Russia. Another is using VPN tool. Just connect to Russian VPN server to get IP address into Russia. Some people are doubts why we need to get Russian IP address. We will show you reasons later. Internet censorship is existing in every country. Absolutely, Russia too. Most of guys are trending to use VPN services to protect online ID to surf anonymously. Fly to Russia to get Russian IP address is not sane. Let us show you how to get Russian IP address with VPN service

Why need to get Russian IP Address

Why someone need to get Russian IP address, there are many reasons. For example, Russian guys are living outside of Russia and want to watch some TV shows on Russian website. But there is copyright limited and unable to access. Connect to Russian VPN is the way to unlock Russian websites from abroad. The most used of Russian VPN is using it to activate Russia CDKEY of some games. Also some players use Russian VPN to buy cheaper game key from Russian store, then it will require players to connect to Russian VPN to activate the game. Anyway, let us show you why need to get Russian IP address now.
  • Hide IP address that no hacks know your real IP address.
  • Change IP address into Russia.
  • Unlock some contents of websites that are only allow to access with Russian IP address. 
  • Encrypt online data to protect your privacy.
  • Buy cheaper game from Russia store and activate Russian key of games.
  • Unlock some games require to play with Russian IP address like Black Desert Russian Server.

How To Get Russian VPN

Many VPN service providers with Russian VPN servers are on the internet. You can search in Google and pick one. Because many factors are affecting VPN performance, we can't recommend best Russian VPN for everyone. So we will just recommend one VPN service with free trial Russia VPN, people can test it for free.

Get Connected To Russian VPN Server Free

We often use FlyVPN to test some network. Because it is offering many countries' VPN servers free including Russian VPN server. Certainly, you can get connected to Russian VPN server free on iPhone, iPad, android phone/tablet, Mac OS X and PC. But the time is not unlimited, you can only use the free VPN for only 20 minutes, if you just want to activate CDKEY with Russian VPN, it is enough. You can refer to the tutorials as below:
How to setup trial VPN on android With VPN Apps
How to setup trial VPN on iOS With VPN Apps
How To Get Free Trial VPN On Mac OS X
How To Get Free Trial VPN On PC

If you have android device in hand, you can get FlyVPN 19 days membership for free. What you need to do is to download FlyVPN android app, sign up to get 14 days free VPN membership, input other guys' invitation code like 270 020 31 to win another 5 days free. You can use the free VPN account on any devices without disconnect.


Get Russian IP address is very easy. What you need to do is to find one VPN service provider with Russian VPN servers. Whatever you are looking for Russian VPN server free or best Russian VPN server. Hope this article will be helpful.