April 7, 2016

Watch Canal+ Yomvi from outside of Spain

Yomvi is the CANAL + answer to the connected world, offering new ways of watching TV and has embarked on a journey that will make it a leading digital entertainment brand - bring premium content on demand to any device. On the PC, the iPad and the iPhone, connected TVs, game consoles ... whenever and wherever users want. Boasting the best offer of exclusive content on the market, CANAL+ remains a byword for quality and distinctiveness after 20 years of leadership in the premium television sector and is increasingly committed to all the latest technology.

Canal+ Yomvi

If you are unable to watch Yomvi, here are two questions you need to ask yourself. Is my network connection working? You can check it out by using your web browser to search the net, check your email or by updating your Facebook profile. If you can do such things then your network connection is working. Am I located in the Spain? If your answer is yes, then you should actually just try again later. But if you live outside of Spain, then you should connect to a Spanish VPN to get a Spanish IP.

Don't worry about the IP and speed. These types of problems are non-existent in VPNs since most VPN services are backed by robust infrastructure. So the VPNs can deliver high speeds and true anonymity that is essential for unblocking streaming services like Yomvi. Don't know how to use VPN? Refer to a detailed guide about setup VPN on Windows laptop.

In addition, CANAL + Yomvi is available for iOS and Android devices:

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