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November 11, 2015

How To Get New Zealand IP Address

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses – that of the North Island, and the South Island. BTW New Zealand has first sunrise and the earliest clock in the world. Because it is the earliest clock in the world, some players are would like to make a trick to unlock some games like Fallout 4 earliest with New Zealand VPN. Also there are many other reasons make some people want to get New Zealand IP address. For instance, you have to leave away  from New Zealand for an extended amount of time. Then you will find that you can't watch live or streaming on some New Zealand local website. Because there are geo-restriction and censorship. Anyway, what we need to do is to get New Zealand IP address. Actually, when you are living outside of New Zealand, there is one way to get it. The solution is VPN (Virtual Private Network). A Virtual Private Network will allow you do this from wherever in the world. Once connected to New Zealand VPN service, your computer will be assigned a New Zealand IP address. 
New Zealand

Why Would I Need New Zealand IP Address

Whether you’re on a business trip or extended vacation, your need to access the web utilizing a local IP address will be different. For example, you want to use your PayPal account outside of New Zealand, PayPal will detect that you login from unfamiliar IP address. It will ask you to verify information. So upset. Anyway, let us show you why you need New Zealand IP address and what can you do with New Zealand IP address.
  • Protect personal privacy.  Hide your real IP address that no one know where you are.
  • Change IP to New Zealand.
  • Access some local websites require to access contents with New Zealand IP address. Such as Sky Sport 3, TV2, Sky Movies 2 and so on.
  • Unlock online games earliest for it has the earliest clock in the world.
  • Reduce ping or play some online games limited in New Zealand.

How Can I Get New Zealand IP Address

You can easily obtain the New Zealand IP address while abroad. Just sign up for a VPN service provider with New Zealand VPN servers. If you don't know how does it works, you can search in Google. We think you will get the point. Generally, Most of VPN services are not free. Though you can find some free New Zealand VPN, but we don't recommend you to use for security. If you just want to test it before investing money, you can pick one paid VPN service with free trial time. We find FlyVPN is the best free trial VPN service provider. It is offering New Zealand VPN server for test. Let us show you how to get free trial New Zealand VPN.
Option 1: What you have to do is to create one account, then login your account on FlyVPN client or app, then you can see trial New Zealand VPN server in it.
Option 2: FlyVPN is holding event on its android app, just download its VPN app for android, signup to get free 14 days membership. You can use the account on any platforms like iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, PC...

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