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August 7, 2016

Access Viu TV Without the Error VIU is not yet available in your country

ViuTV is a Cantonese language general entertainment television channel in Hong Kong operated by HK Television Entertainment (HKTVE), whose parent company, PCCW , also operates IPTV platform Now TV and media streaming service Viu. The channel serves as a free-to-air outlet of television programmes shown on the channels operated by Now TV. Recently, Viu bought copyrights popular Korean dramas like Doctors, Controllably Fond, W Two Worlds, Let's Fight Ghost to attract audiences. But Viu TV is only available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia. So when you are living outside of those countries, you can't access the website for geo limitation. You will get the error message like VIU is not yet available in your country. But you can connect to VPN service to unlock Viu TV website or Apps. It is the fastest and simplest way to change IP address into other countries in seconds. So you can access Viu TV without the error VIU is not yet available in your country with VPN. 
VIU is available in HK, SG, MY, IN, IND

Connected to Hong Kong VPN on PC
Connected to Hong Kong VPN
Access contents on Viu outside of the limited region
unlock Viu TV with VPN Service

Top 10 Korean Drama On Viu TV

W Two Worlds
Controllably FOnd
Let's Fight Ghost
Descendants of the Sun
The Flower in Prison
Oh Hae-Young Again
Lucky Romance
Reply 1988

and more Japanese dramas, Anime, Chinese dramas, Taiwan dramas on Viu

Briefly steps to watch Dramas On Viu TV 

  • Subscribe to FlyVPN
  • Login and choose Hong Kong VPN server. BTW Viu service is only available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia.
  • Then get connected to HK VPN to unlock Viu TV now.

August 4, 2016

How To Watch House Of Spirits Outside Hong Kong

House of Spirits (Chinese: 一屋老友記) is a 2016 Hong Kong television comedy, family, supernatural drama produced by Dave Fong for TVB, starring Bobby Au-yeung, Nancy Wu, Joyce Tang, Jonathan Cheung, Koni Lui, Bob Cheung, Bowie Wu and Helena Law as the main cast. It premiered on Hong Kong's TVB Jade and Malaysia's Astro On Demand on June 27, 2016 airing Monday through Sunday during its 9:30-10:30 pm timeslot. But when you are living outside of Hong Kong, you can't watch House Of Spirits on TVB Jade for copyright terms. So you have to connect to Hong Kong VPN to get Hong Kong IP address to break the IP block.Check the error message photo as below.
TVB is only available in Hong Kong

connected on VPN picture

Connected on Hong Kong VPN Server
Once got Hong Kong IP address with VPN service, you can watch House Of Spirits Outside of Hong Kong from everywhere.

Get Hong Kong IP Address To Watch House Of Spirits From Abroad

As noted in paragraph above, you have to get connected on Hong Kong VPN to watch House Of Spirits outside of Hong Kong. So let us know how can we can Hong Kong VPN. Generally, there is free and paid VPNs on the internet. If you don't care your privacy, you can involve to use free VPNs. Highly recommend internet users to use paid VPN service to watch TV shows everywhere. 
  • Make a subscription to VPN service with Hong Kong VPN servers. Personally, we are using FlyVPN for it is offering many HK VPN servers.
  • Login your account
  • Pick one Hong Kong VPN 
  • Get connected on Hong Kong VPN to get Hong Kong IP address
  • Done. You can watch House Of Spirits from abroad now